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  1. There are i total of 94 missions to get 100%
  2. drive slowly and build up your skllz
  3. One thing i would like to be fixed is the lagging...it seems like a lot of ppl lag on gta 4 that dont lag on others games I dont know if anyone else thought this but GTA IV multiplayer sucks but thats my opinion
  4. thats really cool I dont see how ppl do that every time i try i just go flying off the bike... Also how did you record it off of a console?
  5. Assassin missions do count for 100%, I dont think you have to listen to the phone calls, they are just like cut-scenes(not required)
  6. Off-topic much? This forum is for gta 4 Technical Issues not the 360 ring of death.
  7. Well i've got 100% so i just goof off in helicopters.
  8. Really..i didnt know they brought him back
  9. Has anyone seen the knive show? If so can you buy the kvies off there?
  10. I've completed 100%..but im not in the club
  11. Things simlar to this happen to me sometimes to...like i'll be driving and i'll hit a wall and it will make no noise. I think its just a glitch
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