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  1. No I believe him, this thing happened to me, I parked my car in the spot by my first safehouse then went to go buy a burger, walked down the street and I saw the exact same car driving I was like sweet so I stole it, went to go to my safehouse only to find that my car was gone.
  2. That's a healthy thing to be saying...anyway, I like Kiki, Alex is kinky but a bitch and I don't like the way Karen/Michelle says those sarcastic dark comments they piss me off, and Carmen although I like booty, well she says her name too much.
  3. I cried at the end of Adam Sandler's movie "Click"...both times I watched it!
  4. i was confused because Francis talked to me first but he wasn't sure about killing Derick, Derick on the other hand just straight up called and said kill my brother but I killed Francis because I hate crooked cops and any government employee.
  5. I remember mine, I was in grade 6 so I wasn't all that sexually active and I this really hot brunette who has 36C fun bags booo yaa, anyway...she was lieing on top of me on my bed and we just kissed, and i kick myself everyday for not making a move cuz that would've been sweeeet to watch those jugs bounce...too bad. And the best part of this and this is 100% true, her boyfriend was outside playing street hockey bahahaha...to this day he's one of my best friends and still doesn't know but God damn that was a good day in my life.
  6. What I want in GTA IV is more freedom, in SA you could just walk into any old building like a 24/7, you could just walk into a bar and just hang out, and more clothing options and customizing your charactor for your own liking such as tattoos and changing your hair and facial hair and working out to get the physique you want.
  7. How many cars into his missions do you go for the Dukes? cuz I'm on the Faggio.
  8. I love killin those bastards, fuckers hit me, I get pissed off and blast them before they can turn their sirens on.
  9. There is nothing to do, all you can do is play pool or bowl, in SA you could swim, fly planes, PARACHUTE, and a shit load of other activities that GTA Iv lacks of, but it's ok, you can drive cars and every time you take a corner you spin out and somehow get a dint on your car with the slightest bump.
  10. I'm like 40 % done and I can date her, I hate her though cuz she's a self centered bitch, I pulled up in a Turismo which I stoll cuz I don't like that fancy shit and she told me she bought one of her maids that I was like fuck you bitch.
  11. You can shoot his TV, call his phone or shoot the satalite dish and he will go to the TV to see what's wrong.
  12. Only people I'd date on there are LawChick, Sobohobo and that's pretty much it lol.
  13. I'd have to say car custmization, it would have been nice to choose whatever colour you want and change your rims and maybe a bodykit, nothing too stupid like gay spoilers and nos.
  14. They're not going to make a SAS game, the other two Stories games were just a quick way to raise more money for GTA Iv since they hadn't come out with a game since 04.
  15. I use Facebook. Steve P.J. Reid
  16. I let everybody live if whoever I'm doing the mission for, I don't like, like Vlad, i like Dwayne but I left his GF alive anyway even though she's a bitch.
  17. Doing drug deals for Little Jacob, that and Gang wars in SA.
  18. Who's voice do you remember the most, who's voice do you like and think is the greatest, for me I'd say Timmy Vermicelli, I mean Tommy Vercetti, James Woods (Torreno), and of course Samual L Jackson lol.
  19. Maybe somewhere like Detroit or Chicago or LA
  20. i just noticed...I never rapped GTA III, the only game I've really completed was GTA SA and LCS, next time I go to a game store or wal-mart whatever, i'm gonnna guy VC, VCS and III and complete them, it'll be a raggin time.
  21. I'll just say Rockstar Toronto just cuz I'm Canadian but if there were a R* NY that would get my vote.
  22. i don't see how these missions are so hard for people, I haven't failed one yet.
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