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XSC Adrenaline


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The stunts are not bad, but the boring & annoying part I HATE is the replays of stunts from different angles. -_-

Seeing the same stunts over again isn't very amusing. You wouldn't see a stunt dozens of times when it's not unbelievable right?

If you only did that once or twice it would have been good, but you did it WAY MORE than once or twice.

It's nice still seeing stunting videos being made, even after the release of GTA IV. :)

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lol, dozens.

NO STUNT WAS SHOWN MORE THAN TWICE, and that was only to fit the editing. :P

And anyway, noone on gtas complained about it so I am not intending to change that.

btw, with GTAS around, there will always be stuntvids :)

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