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Random Character Missions - Jeff

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I have found all of the random characters including Jeff part 1. i have no idea how to find Jeff part 2. The guide says wait for a phone call but that has never happened. I have tried phoning him and his cell is always switched off. Any idea how long you need to wait for his call or how else to find him.


Just found out that Jeffs RC missions are not needed for 100% anyhow. You just need to meet him once if you are going for the meet all random characters achievement on the xbox 360.


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I think he called me after I got to Alderney (3rd island), noticed it took awhile.

Once you get the call & complete the task (turn LEFT into the alley when you leave the carpark, just trust me on this) he

shows up a 3rd time 1 block north of Ray's mission pickup. That one's pretty easy.

Heh, try picking up all the money before the game autosaves. That wasn't easy. :lol:

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