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  1. Just found out that Jeffs RC missions are not needed for 100% anyhow. You just need to meet him once if you are going for the meet all random characters achievement on the xbox 360. Thanks
  2. I have found all of the random characters including Jeff part 1. i have no idea how to find Jeff part 2. The guide says wait for a phone call but that has never happened. I have tried phoning him and his cell is always switched off. Any idea how long you need to wait for his call or how else to find him. Thanks
  3. Its not hard just very time consuming. I am nearly there and have been playing for 60 hours. Having said that i have enjoyed every minute of those hours.
  4. what do you get anyway? Is it just a pride thing?
  5. Do you have any dates in mind? Would be good to get some practice as a group in before hand otherwise we may well get beaten.
  6. Press the pause button on you control pad and look at the stats tab (second one from the left). From there it will show you all of you stats. If you look at score (i think) it shows % of each character who like you. It obvious once you are in the pause menu.
  7. Take two steps to the left. These are side steps, each one should reveal another lane arrow, it that helps you to make sure you have step enough. Then bowl straight and at around 20-24 mph. It took me about 5 attempts to get it right. Once you have pulled back and pushed up on the right stick dont touch it again. Let me know how you get on. If you struggle let me know and i will try to explain a bit better.
  8. I have finished the main story line and all side missions etc. The only part left to do is to raise my friends level up to 90% for the remaining ones. They are all at around 50%. How long is it going to take me to raise it to 90%? I fear it could be many many hours.
  9. I have just found out the answer from another topic post that all of the heli tours appear at the one base on the second island at the bottom and to be able to gain the achievement you need to ride in all 5 helicopters. There are only 2 tours avaliable when you first get there and you need to stand and wait for the others to return as they are flying around. Thanks for all your help everyone
  10. I have an xbox360 and live in the UK. I am happy to join your clan. xbox360 tag: jimmy1782 Send me a friend request and i will be up for multiplayer action.
  11. It takes about 20-30 hours for the main story line missions. Thats if you dont die/get busted too much. I did it in 27 hours. Plus you have a number of side mission including car thefts, assassination, races and random character missions. I have passed the 40 hour mark and have completed 64% of the whole game. I have not got a guide so finding the 30 cars through text is rock hard and i am yet to begin on the stunt jumps and 200 'flying rats'. Those are near impossible without a guide so will invest in one shortly. When you have finished the single player you may wish to embark on the multiplayer experience which will take hundreds of hours to complete as you need to kill a small countries worth of people to reach level 10.
  12. I have the guide and it clearly shows 3 seperate locations. One on the very south of the 2nd island and 2 towards the north/north east of the 3rd island. Hmm, didn't know that. I'll probably check them out when I play next time, I will tell you what I find out. That would be great. Thanks
  13. Without a guide they are hard to find. The best thing is to read the text and work out the area it's in. To be honest once in the right area none of them are hard to find as they are the best looking cars in the area most of the time. Someone on here must have a map showing the locations anyway.
  14. I didnt find it hard to do any of the missions and by using a guide you can eaisly find the flying rats and stunt jumps. It just takes ages. The most aanoying bit is getting your friends to like you. You have to take them bowling and stuff. Gets a bit repetative after a while but you can do this after you have finished the story line if you are a xbox360 user who is after Liberty City Minute achievement.
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