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GTA IV PC preview by SPOnG

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SPOnG have today released their preview of the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV. Not really any new details worth mentioning here, however, they do quite in-depth about the new in-game video editor and how addictive it can be, in fact that's almost all they seem to talk about!

I'll quote a few paragraphs from the detailed preview so you can get a jist of what they're talking about...

Cameras have various settings – you can either choose from a list of preset views (a side or chest shot following Niko for example) or a custom camera where you can have some form of control over the angle.

Using the ‘target’ setting you can even focus your viewpoint on any character that’s present in the area, so you can change from a close up of Niko unloading a shotgun into a cop to a bird’s eye view following said cop flying backwards.

Using multiple markers in the seek bar, you can even have a dynamic swooping camera; you just need to have two different locations and angles set, apply a Movement type and the editor automatically does the work for you.

If this is something you're interested in then you should definitely read the whole two-page preview over at SPOnG.

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