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"Decoding the Past"

Harwood Butcher

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I'm not talking about codes. They specifically said that certain rulers were mentioned in the Bible long before those people were even born.
I don't have a television, so whatever...

...But you have a computer, so you could look it up.

I agree, though, I'd like to hear some of these examples. People try to say Nostradamus' prophecies came true, but in reality they were just really vague statements that could have applied to ANYTHING.

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I just figured it would be a lot easier for someone who has seen the show to share what they saw and heard, seeing as I have no idea what to search for online. Any specific names that you remember so I can at least figure out what to search?

...Did you not read the first post of this topic...or even read the topic title? You could find all the answers by searching the name of the show.

holy shit this seems to be extremely difficult. i understand what show it is - there have been many many episodes of this show and i am just wondering what you have specifically mentioned. but forget it, not really worth it :P

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