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  1. Spaz The Great

    "Profile Sig"

    I got the idea to do this, thought it would be sorta cool, took a while too cause im guessing i did it the hard way....
  2. Spaz The Great

    PSP er, PSV....vita... life expectancy report

    So far my PS3 and PS4 are both still fully functioning. The Wii U, as well, is working just as well as when we got it. My two PS2s are not fairing as well, as the lasers don't read disks very well anymore. Same can be said about both of my Wii's. Although beyond laser issues, all four of those consoles operate as intended. My Vita is doing well, albeit not being used much and that's partially due to losing my charging cable AGAIN. My PSP works, but it's modded and probably a decade behind on mod updates. Oh, and it will not run off of the battery for some odd reason so the "handheld" aspect of it is gone.
  3. Spaz The Great

    I haven't been here in a while

    This was the very first GTA message board I had joined, and I had joined it back before Chris made the switch to IPB software. Back then it was like, phpBB I do believe. I had quite a good time over at GTAWH, as well. But this was my home. This was where I belonged.
  4. Spaz The Great

    I need help

    Ok, I recently got my ECcom forums up and running. I opened SmartFTP and uploaded the skin i chose to /archive_in/ and went to the admin cp and tried to import the skin. Well it was there to choose so obviously the upload worked. Buuut, when i clicked import it gave me some shit like "please set sufficient CHMOD permissions to allow this". So to my point, can someone explain what to do, how to set CHMOD permissions?
  5. Spaz The Great

    Just finally beat the storyline

    So, due to work and school and the such I JUST beat the storyline. Holy hell, that was a fun fucking ride. I kind of expected it to last a little longer, but then again I never expect a ride this fun to end. Touche, Rockstar, this was the game I've been waiting for. This is the game I wish GTA IV was, that game just didn't deliver like this one did. Damn guys, I don't even know what to say. I'm just sitting here, drunk, watching these credits roll. Fucking great game. Beautiful story, and now I just get to watch Chestnut's game and see what options she chooses. Can't wait. What did you guys think of this game as a whole? What did you feel when those credits rolled?
  6. Spaz The Great

    PSN ID // Find friends to compete with!

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know today was my last day of the semester, WHO WANTS TO HIT THAT ONLINE OVER DECEMBER? I'm down for anything except that run around killing everyone crap. If anyone would like to pull of some heists, I'd like to put in my candidacy for driver. I won't say I'm perfect, but I'm quick to maneuver, and quite skilled at getting out of jams.
  7. Spaz The Great

    Rockstar DLC should be Vampires DLC!

    No, not fact. What was GTAO but DLC? And it was free, gifted to everyone who purchased the game. GTA Online is not DLC. They don't even consider it part of GTA V to begin with. .... GTAO is extra content, downloaded from the internet, which runs off of the GTAV engine and extends as well as expands the gameplay. Just because it doesn't fit into your small-ranged idea of what "DLC" is doesn't make it anything different than "DLC". Or, how about this, the blimp that came free with the game. Directly related to SP, downloaded content, free. Free DLC. My point is, not all DLC costs money.
  8. Spaz The Great

    Rockstar DLC should be Vampires DLC!

    No, not fact. What was GTAO but DLC? And it was free, gifted to everyone who purchased the game.
  9. Spaz The Great

    PS2 Classics for PS3

    I have bought GTA III and GTA SA(haven't gotten VC yet apparently), and Chestnut and I played both of them tonight while drinking. Man, not only do I miss these games, I miss the years in which I played these games. I wish I could go back to just ONE day during the time period that I would play these games hours on end. No job, no bills, no worries, just GTA. Had a lot of fun hitting A+ level nostalgia while getting drunk. Man, these games....
  10. Spaz The Great

    Le Parachute

    Has ANYONE figured out how to open it? I sort of mashed buttons as I inevitably fell to my death.....
  11. Spaz The Great

    Some More Details on GTA Online

    Having real people playing side by side with you makes it seem as though it will be just that much more interaction in the game. And you can pull off heists and stuff together? Not to mention being able to use your online character in the single player mode. Will this character interact with the main characters? I've heard some things, but I'm not entirely sure what's true or not.
  12. Spaz The Great

    Some More Details on GTA Online

    This looks to be incredible. Hopefully everything gets worked out just fine and the experience is not only as immersive as the single player game, but as they promise it to be. Can't wait to go online, anyone who wants to chill online hit me up on PSN, my name is in my profile.
  13. Spaz The Great

    Fly the Unfriendly Skies

    That area is a military base, and what I learned from a mission I will not disclose is that flying height has something to do with it. Meaning fly too high, get seen on radar. As low as possible is the key around that area. My first experience with flight I simply drove into the airport, stole a plane, and proceeded to lose my wanted level. They just let you in the airport, and it's not exactly hard to lose three stars on the ground, but in the air it's child's play.
  14. Spaz The Great

    Wasted screen ends too quickly?

    The damage doesn't have too much aesthetically, but bust you car up a good couple times and tell me the engine still runs fine.... I CANNOT make it up the mountain before losing my engine power....
  15. Spaz The Great

    Le Parachute

    WAIT.... They let you get the parachute from the very beginning but you can't use it yet? WHAT THE HELL? That makes absolutely no sense, but okay, I'll wait.
  16. Spaz The Great

    GTA v PC Version

    Everyone acts as if Rockstar isn't going to release a PC version because it didn't come out at the same time as the console versions. Neither did GTA IV. Neither did San Andreas. Are you guys just not use to this yet?
  17. Spaz The Great

    Non Fanboy Xbox360 version VS Playstation 3

    With the PS3 version, you only get the one disk, but it still installs 8GBs of data onto the hard drive. So far, the gameplay has been smooth and quite enjoyable as it is impressive. No where near as intuitive as previous GTA's have been(I'd put it on as a slightly greater edge on the learning curve than GTA IV, which was a bit of a shock to get use to, but still easier than V). So far I've only completed one mission but I've made it to the top of Mt. Chilliad(and managed to fail my first skydive), and have successfully become proficient at aircraft flight. So far, I don't find the visuals to be overly-stunning compared to GTA IV, but they are definitely noticeably better, and the water I have found to be quite nice to look at.
  18. Spaz The Great

    Post your mugshots v3!

    It was actually MegaCon 2013 in Orlando, FL. A lot of Trekkies there that year, as the main crew from Enterprise-D(BOOO!) was there. Had a lot of fun, and being dressed in TOS outfits got us a lot of glares.
  19. Spaz The Great

    PSN ID // Find friends to compete with!

    SpazTheGreat, as expected from me. And apparently we're waiting another two weeks for the online play? At least that's what I kept hearing. Just got home from the midnight release. 'Twas a bit of fun.
  20. Spaz The Great

    Post your mugshots v3!

    A friend and I with Johnny Five of Flobots. Same friend and I with Brer Rabbit of Flobots. Again, different show, with MC Lars. Disregard the faces, I'm drunk in these photos. Kirk and Scotty Aaannnnd Kirk being captured by some Jedis.
  21. Spaz The Great

    George Zimmerman NOT GUILTY

    The entire thing, from the confrontation to the end of the trial, was nothing more than a false flag. The whole thing was designed specifically to keep us unconcerned with the more important things going on in the government. People kill each other many times every hour of every day, and it doesn't get this type of attention. Clearly, there is something else happening.
  22. Spaz The Great

    R* asks your input on GTA V Crews!

    I know. You're so predictable XD I am. I'll rant and argue until the effort-switch is flipped and then I have no fucks left to give. Yeah not going too well apparently. We're clearly not discussing whatever the hell it was we were discussing up there.
  23. Spaz The Great

    R* asks your input on GTA V Crews!

    I know. You're so predictable XD I am. I'll rant and argue until the effort-switch is flipped and then I have no fucks left to give.
  24. Spaz The Great

    R* asks your input on GTA V Crews!

    I'm not going far back enough to look up the posts where you spouted off like a sheep, it's not really worth my time. This is actually about the most effort I feel worth putting into you.
  25. Spaz The Great

    GTA V Delayed, Release Date: 09/17/2013

    Completely unacceptable! I would much rather have a buggy glitchy game than something they took an extra half a year to fix up! WE SHALL STORM THE GATES TOMORROW EVENING AT DUSK!