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File Mod by Aru

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I hope its ok I post this here

You can go here to read and download


The 4th page in the lot, is where Aru explains in more detail and I try to do the same on down the page, on how to make it so you can mod files like handling.dat and others.

Aru has a "gta_magic.zip" to dld, it contains magic.bat, kinda automates the renaming of the moddable files but it can be alil tricky, have to read carefully. It also contains the "filelist.pak" you need ...

I've successfully read through carefully for the initial "test of one file" to be sure it works and it DOES!! The cop vehicles are goin about 1-7 mph, (cept for the FBI - left that for my use too) and have a hefty Hummer thats pretty quick =oP

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