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Its bigfoot allover again, but shes actually in the game

i'm starting to think lola might be a victim of rockstar propaganda... she's starting to remind me of this girl:


she's not in san andreas... and no one has concrete evidence of lola yet... and thats big considering that there's about 100,000 horny guys out there looking for her...

chances are starting to get slim of her actually being in the game... and i am not about to go on a wild-goose chase when there's like i said, 100,000 other people doing the search for me...

I found her on the police website:


Her name is Lola Del Rio

shes 22, born in San Fierro but moved here

Criminal Record - 2003 Prostitution

- 2005 public lewdness

- 2007 prostitution

ppl on other forums for gta say they found her in star junction...but showed no pictures


Thanks to WarMachin from gta4.tv/forums:

And within 1 hour of realtime searching, i found her... heres a pic i took with my phone...


She was sucking on her lollipop aswell, and has the short red tied back top with short shorts...

i picked her up and she exercised her lollipop sucking skills on my private lollipop.. XD

Pic isnt very clear, my phone is 2 megapixels, but still verifiable...

Location Map of where i found her..


The time was somewhere between 1am and 4am...

Oh and one more thing, she IS picky about what kind of car you drive, so have a nice car when you pick her up... (i had a viper)

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