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    Claude Vs Tony

    Who would win, it's kinda neck and neck with me
  2. @SupremeD;

    RealTel HD Audio Manager Help .

    unless you're using HD sound output (through either HDMI, optical, or coax) the sound will be analog output. dont try and change it. there should be a option to change it back, if not you have two options 1. uninstall and reinstall sound drivers (99.99% should work) 2. system restore (MIGHT work) so its realtek hd obviously (its very common) but you need to find the exact model number, check Device Manager (run-> devmgmt.msc) Thanks That Helped Alot! And If A Mishap Like This Happens Again I'll Remeber To Come Back To This Useful Resource . Again Thanks Both Of Ya'll For The Help !
  3. Okay So I Was Editing Files In Aduacity And I Had Wanted To Make The Audio Louder So I Brought Up Realtek HD Audio Manager . I Really Don't Mess With Computers That Much , But I Pretty Sure I Did Something Bad . Cause From That Point On I Can Hear NOTHING From My Computer . I Even Tried Plugging In Earphones But I Still Can Not Hear Nothing . When I Bring Up Digital Output , There Is A Checkmark And I Before It Was Never There . On The Speakers Out Put There Is A Bar That You Can Select: Select Default Device, And Select Communication Device . On Digital Output I'm Not Able To Click On The Bar . And I Think That Is The Problem . So Can Anyone Help Me With This Please , Cause It Is Starting To Get On My Nerves Not Hearing Anything ! Thanks In Return
  4. @SupremeD;

    Instrumental Hip Hop

    Favorite Instrumental At The Moment Would Have To Be One Beer By Mf Doom .
  5. @SupremeD;

    Three Word Story

    A Guy Fucked
  6. @SupremeD;

    Deleted Things from SA

    I Think They Deleted Most Of The Things In The Game For An Obvious Reason! They Didn't Want To Make The Game Too "Great". Ya'll Might Ask , What Do You Mean By That. What I Mean Is That Well What If They Put Everything In It As Planned , But What About Future GTA Title's ? You Can't Always Put The Same Feature's In Every GTA Game. I Mean You Could , But It Would Get Old Rather Quickly.
  7. @SupremeD;


    Huh Never Really Noticed All The K's In The Radio Names . Strange ! But Back To Topic . . . Radio Los Santos , Radio X !
  8. @SupremeD;

    What are you listening to right now?

    Fall For Your Type - Drake . Very Relaxing Song !
  9. @SupremeD;

    Are YOU An Artist?

    Something I started drawing a couple days ago. It's not that great right now, but it will be later. I hope.
  10. @SupremeD;

    LOL I GTA4'D!

    is this fake or real
  11. @SupremeD;

    What Really Pisses You Off?

    Little kids on XBL that talk shit and chicken shit out right in the middle of a game in halo 3
  12. Whoa, Your One of the least expected people i know to get banned

  13. @SupremeD;

    What are you listening to right now?

    Made You Look- Nas
  14. @SupremeD;

    rick roll song =v.2?

    Dude, that has got to be one of the funniest videos I've ever seen. I laughed the whole way through. Freaking brilliant. "Ninja bartender" lmao
  15. @SupremeD;

    What are you listening to right now?

    The Joker- Steve Miller Band
  16. @SupremeD;

    What are you listening to right now?

    Bat Country- Avenge Sevenfold
  17. @SupremeD;

    Dragonball: Evolution

    WTF kind of shit is this there's so many things wrong with this trailer. First of all goku supposed to be a kid, 2nd bulmas hair is blue, 3rd where's the pervy old master roshi we all know and love, 4th what the hell is up with piccolo?! Dragon ball [and z] used to be my all time favorite show when i was a kid. In my opinion they should of never of thought of making a live action movie. When I goto see this movie in the theatres on opening day, I am going to bring my video camera in with me and film people crying in the audience while watching it because of how HORRIBLE it is! I will then edit it, post it on youtube and let the director know how miserable he made us!
  18. @SupremeD;


    The book was alright, my girlfriend wanted to see it so i went with her to check it out, halfway through the the movie i walked out and went to the food court, it was just plain horrible
  19. @SupremeD;

    Alvin and the Chipmunks - Candy Shop

    wtf is up with all these chimpunk songs?! Anyways i had the same reaction you had when i saw this vid
  20. @SupremeD;

    A merry Gangsta Christmas

    poor elf, all he wanted to do was go christmas caroling lol
  21. @SupremeD;


    Awsome find. i think i ran over a girl like that once while the cops were chasing me lol.. i m going to find her right now and kill her once i see her
  22. @SupremeD;

    GTA 3 Claude Action Figure

    it looks badass, how long did it take you to make it?
  23. Claude never talked because he didn't trust anybody, i think i remember reading that from somewhere, oh well.. Anyways i would've liked to play as novy