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Ever get tired of reading the same copyright message when you start GTAIV? Well, now you don't have to stare at it any longer. With my new Intro patch, you can zoom right passed the intros and get to what you really want. It's really easy to use, just click Patch and let the program do the rest. If you don't have the game installed in the default location, you will have to locate it manually. There's really nothing to it, give it a shot!

NEW in v1.1: I fixed the way it checks if the game has been patched. I also added a restore feature, if it's patched already, that allows you to remove the patch if needed.

NOTE: Please make sure your game is moddable, by using my Mod Assistant or similar, before applying this patch.

You will need the Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 installed in order for this program to run at all.




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I can't test if it works on everyones computer but if someone can confirm it does and doesn't have any viruses then upload it to our database, you should get a shit ton of hits etc.

It's already uploaded in the database.

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BTW the .NET framework is required by RGSC to run GTA IV, so there's actually no point reminding people they need it since if they're running GTA IV they'll have it anyway ;)

Quite the contrary. I've already had people asking me about the error message "Could not load file or assembly 'System.Core', Version=, etc. etc." meaning they hadn't installed v3.5 of the Framework. I don't know why someone would be using my tools without RGSC already installed but at least if it's there, they can't say I didn't let them know ahead of time. :lolbounce:

I also updated the intro patch.

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