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How to Edit .dff files anybody HELP?

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Hi everyone. I got a little problem.

I dunno English too well, but i'll try to speak good.

Well, I have decided to make mods for gta sa.

I have maked some, but i dunno how to edit dff files

I have TXD Workshop for txd files and I know how to use it.

I have tried the Zmodeler2, but I need to register for .dff files.

I have also tried for Google SketchUp 7, I can make models, and I have Gmax for converting files.

But, I can't edit any .dff files in gta sa and I dunno how to make models for dff files.

Can anybody help me?

To tell me wich program to use for .dff files?

If anyone help me, i'll give him all necessary programs for modding.

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