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Car Mod Garage (request)

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Would anyone be able to make the pay n' sprays into modding stations like in gta san andreas? at least make the car colors pickable? That was one of my favorite parts of that game in san andreas and its disapointing they decided to take them out.

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If it's anything like the script in SA, yes it's doable. The script for P&S is similar to TF, etc but there's issues.-

Models. If you want to "tune" the cars like SA you'll need models of the parts & the cars will need to be made to

support them (body kits, spoilers, etc). Typically GTA engines only support so many models (buildings, cars, peds,

trees, etc). There should be wheels already available as they are typically separate models called by one of the

DATA files.

Once that's addressed you'll need to setup an interface, even if you just want to select your colors. Then you'll have

to make the DATA files related to the garage.

Suggest leaving this one to the seasoned vets.

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