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  1. I saw the thread title and shivered, as I have breifly seen the show, and that pink haired girl actually scares the crap outta me, as well for the Spanish acobatic who has a pedal powered aircraft. I clicked on the youtube video and peeed my pants.
  2. Thats actually a nice flag to replace our shit Union Jack thing, shoo away the purple. "I belive in god, and France gave us a green statue of a french slut in a dress! Its like, *Insert imperial shit here* tall! "And there we go, a hidden message emphasized on some Random girl's breats!" "Ah yes, it is the 11th of September, but due to our silly date format, it is '9/11/2001', so I thought I ring you up, HA HA HA! Waste of HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!! An US Airforce 747 crashed into the Wolrd Trade Center!!! God Bless you New World Order! Life After Obama
  3. Decode - Paramore No. I like the song, its on my iPod, but how can it be THAT epic? Ok, here is the most epic songs in rock history: Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance (Mishead lyrics make it laughable as well: "we'll carry on"? "Drew Carey Ohh!!!"). Miss Murder - AFI The Kill - 30 seconds to mars American Idiot - Green day
  4. me and Husky got alittle busy, so we thought it needs its own thread. Im starting. Here is some new ones for Australia: "Why dont we just go to war with those yanks, we got more agile tanks!" "It appears that my Steyr AUG is so accurate I got a headshot!. And the muzzle velocity is excellent mate!" "Here we are, shipping off cars to the yanks. Atleast we keep 70% of them" And for Ameirca: "Indeed, we need relgion, and homosexual sodomy!" "Good Taste? Why dont ya go and have a taste of the minibar inside this thing!" "Off course I did this on pourpose, I took off the 400KPH speed limiter and found out it was faster than a Ultimate SSC Areo, then I stopped and got into it with a baseball bat!" "Im in the hood bro, im a Homosexual Pimp. I got this thing from Just Jeans." Just continue this silly thing. What? A call from the White House?
  5. I saw others disagreeing with his post, and I disagreed too.
  6. You sir, are a fucking idiot. Counterstrike is a mod for half-life, when you install Counterstrike you get Half life as well, are you fucking retarded? And whats so hate-worthy about being a Counter-terroist with an never-ending arsenal of Machine guns and Grenades, or being a terroist shooting hostages? The next time Spaz logs in, you're going to wish you'd never said that, so much, seriously. Anyway, I've not played CSS for a while now, need a buddy to do it with. What do ya mean? Are you saying his my next door neighbour? Ive put up with peeps hating me on forums before because I said "Counterstrike 1.6 isnt a Beta!" and "Windows XP is better than Vista!"
  7. It's simply a joke. They don't want to ruin it for children that don't understand and can't find the logic in all of this. They're just creating a Christmas episode. Kids watch Southpark? Undeducated perants still tell Santa, Easter Bunny and Toothfary tales? The only EasterBunny ive seen was when My girlfreind dressed up in a bunny suit and "teased" me. And maybye I punched some 16 year olds tooth out. Do you really believe a adult government official (Jason Kenney, the minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism) ACTUALLY believes in SANTA? Maybe he supports the rumours because it's a Christmas thing for the kids, but he obviously doesn't believe in his existence. It's just the way the government that'll make people like you guys talking over and posting forum topics about. Goverment supports the kids that watch southpark and have undeducated perants? Impossible! Only in America and Canada and Finland and Mexico and ImaginationLand Like Sunrise's thing was oviously for the kids, but I bet if Koshie had the chance he woulda ripped his suit off to reveal a shirt that says "Santa doesnt exist" then start screaming in a high pitch voice the insructions on a condom packet!!!!!! Yah.
  8. You do realize that Santa EXISTS in South Park continuity, right? (Imaginationland trilogy notwithstanding.) I dont watch southpark. Meh.
  9. The light blue cop cars where designed to look gay I bet:P Lol Panto, I havent seen that car before. And Claude's skins weird, that is beta shit I bet. And the Cheetah is like a ute lol!!!! Esparonto have hydrualics? And theres an actual school bus?
  10. Holy shit? Is it a scarcastic homosexual? I think my signatures dont have anuses, instead, they have small vents which exhale water vapor, hence, no greenhouse gases.
  11. Server's wont work. And now CS 1.6 doesnt work at all! The Z-Bots where on expert level. And they always come when you say "Taking fire need assistance", strangly they know where you are Ive played 1.6 and Condition Zero. Never played Source. And which country do you live in? Czecholvakia? I aint too good with the flags of eastern bloc countries. Everything or Nothing on the PS2 and playing Halo Combat Evolved on my xbox is what made me own. I just own in any James Bond game. Like From Russia With Love, I shoot grenades off peoples belts and they blow up! You sir, are a fucking idiot. Counterstrike is a mod for half-life, when you install Counterstrike you get Half life as well, are you fucking retarded? And whats so hate-worthy about being a Counter-terroist with an never-ending arsenal of Machine guns and Grenades, or being a terroist shooting hostages? NOTHING!
  12. The possible colors are White and Black, but during the mission "Martha's Mugshot" Candie's limo is a Goldish-Yellow. I couldve got it, but my freind didnt get what I was doing and he was like "Dont Shoot the driver!", wrenched the controls off me, completed the mission and Saved it! He forgot it was an autodrive car lol. Ok. 1 What weapon spawns in the Fort Baxter army base? A. M60 B. M773 C. Chainsaw D. Minigun 2 Name the runway numbers at the airport (Any answer) 3 On the PC and Xbox versions, a Grenade spawns behind the Police HQ. On PS2, what weapon spawned there? (Any answer, BTW, I dont have PS2 GTAVC, I know stuff) 4. What weapon do the bodygaurds have at Pole Position? 1. Brass Knuckles 2. Nightstick 3. M1911 5. Where does the Sea Sparrow spawn? (Any Answer)
  13. Excuse the Double Post, but I have a new pic I could use as my sig on Thegtaplace.com
  14. I guess "Haffo Foofa Sa" in Arabic means in English "Im fucking Awesome!". He said that because he is. But when you keep throwing shoes really fast it is like "Haff, haff, Haffo Foofa Sa!". Terrible on repeat.
  15. "Rusty AK47: Check. Outdated iPod: Check. Mini-Pizza in mouth: Check. Im ready to go to the lesbian stripclub!" She is actually a Female member of Mursi tribe in Southern Ethiopia, not some funny looking man wanting to massacare lesbians like my funny caption implies The "Pizza" must be some sought of tribal tradional thing, dunno where the iPod Nano and AK got into it, maybye Ive been feeling generous latley?
  16. Lol 968: Lets just say I like masturbating from 9:01:17 PM exactly, and stopping at 11:59:30 PM exactly. Oh boy, its new years day! *Cums*
  17. I invented the 2009 new years day massacare
  18. Dont mean to be nerdy, but cant you tell thats an AKS74U? Anyway, I might make a new image all together.
  19. ^ He posted that last year < Wants a dildo badly (Honest) V Will actually be in the same year as me.
  20. wow, I wish I used MSN more often. And had the new one, for some reason new MSN is already on my comp, but I cant find it, and when I download it, it wont install it because its already there, and I cant use it BTW that is just owned Happy new year slutty noob!!!!
  21. All thats agreeable. Would you rather have a big map with GTA3 graphics, or a small map with awesome 3D glasses shit?
  22. Dumbfuck, there is only 1 GTA game of 2008: GTA4. WTF LOL kill this idiot!
  23. First post of 2009! 50 dollars is a bargain!!!! Not. I get 2004 games usualy for 15 bucks! If its Rockstar just order it, if it isnt, wrong forum
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