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GTA Pedestrian Diary

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Day 1

My first day in the city of Los Santos I got up and got ready for my new job down at Binco. Moments after I left my apartment I heard the loud wail of police sirens and was run down by a black man in a Greenwood. Just prior to blacking out I could make out the personal plate read GROVE4L and then woke up in the hospital. The police didn't seem interested in my statement and even ticketed me $50 for crossing against the light.

Day 4

I am out of the hospital and my sister loaned me the use of her car to get around much safer. No sooner than leaving the driveway a black man approached my driver's side door. He looked somewhat familiar so I paused as he opened the door and threw me from the car announcing in loud voice, "Yeah you getting jacked!". I filed another report with the police but I am beginning to have my doubts about their abilities.

Day 5

Since losing my job at Binco I am now seeking work. My sister has not called, I suppose she is mad about the car. The police gave her a hard time about it being involved in some drive-by shootings. I am now riding the bus to seek out employment. At noon I was sitting in a Burger Shot filling out an application and eating a $2 burger. That same black man appeared inside apparently wounded and ordered several meals. I was just about to approach him when he pulled out a gun a shot the clerk. Then he began shooting customers and thanking them as he robbed their corpse. I quickly took cover and the sick insane man left.

Day 6

I am leaving Los Santos and I didn't bother reporting what happened at the Burger Shot to the police. Let them figure it out, if they can. I am going to a small rural town in the countryside. To seek work, peace and quiet. Maybe the quiet life on a farm is just the ticket.

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