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How to create your own Benchmark!

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This is a tutorial in how to make your own GTAIV Benchmark, it is pretty easy (more than that! :P):

  1. Start your game
  2. Load a saved game, cause some mayhem and record as a clip
  3. Now exit your game and open "My Documents > Rockstar Games > GTAIV > Videos > Clips" and search for the clip you recorded (should be the latest one, they're .cli files)
  4. Copy (not cut!) that file to any location different than that one.
  5. Rename the file to Benchmark.cli
  6. Copy it to "(disk):\Program Files\Rockstar Games\PC\data" and replace it with the existent one. (Always make backup)
  7. Open the game and load a saved game
  8. Go to Graphics and do the Benchmark

Enjoy! :D

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