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Changing weapon accuracy? New here need help please

Here i am_loveme

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Id just like to know how to keep the weapon aim from spreading out during autofire (the more you fire the less accurate it gets) etcetc, i know the basics, i think its something to do =with changing a propertie in weapon.dat, i have no idea which one though... ive been doing handling line editing for around 6mons now, but no weapon.dat edits..... hm..

Also if anyoen wants some handling lines edited ill help :D:thumbsup::coolthumbup:

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First, welcome & enjoy. Take a minute & look at the layout of the site & read the rules, drop by "Introduce Yourself"

if you want & say hello.

I'm guessing you're still early in the game. You're fight about what file you need to edit, it's WEAPON.DAT in the DATA

folder. If you look in there you'll notice most weapons have multiple entries. That's because of the experience system

that steadily increases your accuracy, damage & range as you use a weapon. You want field "R", where the value is

set around 0.65-0.75 for most weapons. Set them all to 1.25 (or the value for the bottom line for each) to improve the


STEP 1: BACK UP EVERY FILE YOU PLAN TO EDIT!!! (You would be surprised how many people make that mistake.)

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