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PS3 Resolution Settings


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I recently bought some component cables because my tv supports hd, but after finding out i couldnt even put 720 settings on, i was a little dissapointed. I brought my ps3 over to my GFs house, and set it to 1080i, and forgot to switch it back before i left. Now i find out that my tv supports 480p and 1080i resolution, but not 720. A little odd, but its nice when i use the internet, and the overall layout of the cross media bar looks better. When i start a game however, the screen screws up like it normaly does when the settings are too awesome for my old 38 inch crt tv.

Is there any way to set 1080i for everything and then just revert back to 480p when i start a game? Or do i have to switch it manually?

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