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  1. ...I don't use my PC much anymore...
  2. There will be an official multiplayer session for gta iv on march 13 on the ps3. Check out the rockstar social club for more information. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/multiplayer-events/index.html
  3. ... You would think the guy UNSPEAKABLY DREADFUL the way everyone automatically started hating. I have downloaded save files before, so what? Its not like its hurting ANYONE.. If people want to upload them, GOOD FOR THEM!, if people want to download them, LET THEM BE! ITS JUST A FUCKING GAME. Edit: Yes i realize this thread is a little old. Sue me, i havent been on in a while..
  4. Add me, PSN DemonDelight. Just mention in the request who you are. Is harwood still part of this? EDIT: I know he got banned from the forum, i was wondering if he still participated in the clan on PS3. I talked to him, guess not..
  5. TANKS. Car customization, Cars don't disappear, smooth 60 FPS, More character customization, and more weapons. Oh and offline split screen multiplayer would be nice. It seems if you want to play multiplayer at all these days, it HAS to be online. Thats what i liked about San Andreas. CJ said different things when he was wearing different clothes. For example, if he was wearing a tux, he would say something like "im a well dressed maniac"
  6. San Andreas is the best. I only play GTA 4 now because SA got tiring after a while. GTA 4s mutiplayer is much more organized too.
  7. Favorite Gang: Bikers - It says in-game that they are my least favorite, maybe its because i kill them the most. Kind of ironic. Favorite Car: Cholo Sabre - Gotta love the Sabre
  8. If they haven't released a San Andreas Stories by now, i wouldn't be too quick to jump at the idea of one being released. Since R* developed Liberty City as the first game for PS2 and PS3, my guess is they will go ahead and re-invent Vice City next, at least doubling the size of the city. With that in mind, R* took out planes for realism in IV, so i wouldn't think they would be in the next game either. I am looking forward to a new San Andreas though, better graphics, redesigned cities, larger ground coverage, more glitches, and of course, the return of planes.
  9. Yea you should have just put play online. Thats what i picked anyway.
  10. Yea it would be great if rockstar could at least makes a couple downloads for ps3 users. Even though the lost and the damned was already out, i decided to get a ps3. I just like all the features it has to offer better than the xbox Like the web browser, the GUI, and home seems to be starting to shape up. Oh and installing ubuntu was pretty cool too, even though its slooooow. I wouldn't trade those features just to get some dlc content for 1 game. Everyone has their own opinion. I have to admit though, i did expect the ps3 to have these downloads when i first heard about them. Im a bit dissapointed with rockstar. Ill get over it eventually though.
  11. ive been modding gta sa since i got the game about half a year ago, and i do back up my files before i replace them. i wasnt modding anything to do with the decals, but somehow when i went into the game later i found they were just gone. thanks for the link btw... if anyone can send me the files, i would appreciate it, just message me. ill post to let you know if i get them
  12. i accidently deleted the decals for the cars i can bring to wheel arches a while back without even realizing it, so when i customise a car in the shop, i just get a bunch of grey rectangles on my car where the decals used to be. Can someone help me out? i dont want to customise cars anymore because of how gay they look now...
  13. I recently bought some component cables because my tv supports hd, but after finding out i couldnt even put 720 settings on, i was a little dissapointed. I brought my ps3 over to my GFs house, and set it to 1080i, and forgot to switch it back before i left. Now i find out that my tv supports 480p and 1080i resolution, but not 720. A little odd, but its nice when i use the internet, and the overall layout of the cross media bar looks better. When i start a game however, the screen screws up like it normaly does when the settings are too awesome for my old 38 inch crt tv. Is there any way to set 1080i for everything and then just revert back to 480p when i start a game? Or do i have to switch it manually?
  14. IS your AVG set to the highest protection settings? if so make sure the virus definitions are up to date. Other than that i have no clue. Ive been using Avast, but im thinking about moving toward Trend Micro, because it seems to stay on top of everything a lot better.
  15. WRX: THANK YOU!! I pressed Alt+F10 at the startup and it reverted back to factory settings. The sound works at the little first time run screen, so that made me excited one problem though: the laptop screen is cracked to shit, and i memorized that if i right click the screen, press the down arrow six times, and press Enter a couple times, it switches to the ext moniter. Now though, i have that first time startup thing i have to go through first, and i cant see a thing. any way to set the ext moniter as default dispay at startup? Is this what the first boot looks like? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MYi6hrz4_8 If it is, i might be able to navigate my way down to the bottom of the screen and just click next a bunch EDIT: Turns out that doesnt work too well, because theres certain options i have to click in order to click next, and i dont know where they are. No one knows which keyboard keys to press in order to complete the setup do they??
  16. yeah when i looked at the list i thought it was kind of odd, because i have never even heard of hunted forever and fieldrunners, or even braid. how can a game be number 2 on the list when ive never even heard of it? w/e.. your right though, fallout 3 and L4D should have been on the top 10, but i guess it just didnt work out. I was actualy a bit suprised to see that GTA4 topped the list, i expected to see it up there, but not No.1
  17. the laptop is only about 2 years old. everything was fine on it (usb drives worked, WLAN worked etc) untill i was at my buddies house with it. i fooled around with msconfig, shut it down, took it home, and when i turned it back on, it was all screwed. i might be able to post some screenies later when im on it. Ill try Alt+F10 when i get on it later
  18. Vice: It doesnt read disks. nothing, nada. only thing it does read are its internal keyboard and touchpad, LAN internet cable, and internal/ external displays. (which is good because the internal dispay is broke). so i can only go on the internet with an RJ45, no wireless, and thats basicly it. So saying that, thumbdrives wont work. I think im screwed.
  19. I dont think your reading my post all the way through... Llama: ...and i even system restored (even though the last restore point was after i screwed it up).. by "last" i meant the earliest one i could get WRX: ...cd/dvds didnt work, So there really is no reason to pay $$ that i dont have for xp, when the pc wont read it anyway, thats why i wanted a torrent to use with the product key sticker on the bottom of the laptop, but im sure "mounting" the image wouldnt work for that. The laptop is an Acer 2400 travelmate (something like that), and it does have a backup partition.
  20. ive tried doing everything, cheecking reg startup, checking the boxes, using the unmodified boot, no success. if its supposed to be that easy to fix, then i have a problem.
  21. so rechecking the boxes IS supposed to fix it? because i did that, and its still screwed, thats why i posted this. sorry i wasnt clear about that. i was thinking about just downloading a windows xp torrent, and just reinstalling, but it probably wouldnt work to mount the image... Any other suggestions?
  22. Anyways, i was bored one day, and i decided to screw around with my laptop, and i ended up opening msconfig, choosing diagnostic startup (think its called), and when i restarted the pc, WLAN didnt work, sound didnt work, cd/dvds didnt work, the hardware list doesnt show up, and i cant uninstall programs, all because certain services fail to start. I tried putting it back to regular startup, and i even system restored (even though the last restore point was after i screwed it up).. Other than that the actual pc works, and if i want internet it has to be LAN. Any Help?
  23. so im thinking about getting the drum rocker, but im not sure f its compatible with the ps2. i found this compatibility list (supposedly official) http://blog.wired.com/games/2008/11/official-guitar.html which tells which instruments work for which systems, and the drum rocker isnt even on the ps2 list. The thing that bugs me most about the list though, is that it says the rockband guitar controller is incompatible with GHWT for ps2, when mine works perfectly fine. Dont know what was wrong with the one they tested. So im wondering if anyone knows if the drum rocker is compatible with the ps2 version of rock band, rock band 2, and even GHWT
  24. No theres another one i saw, i think it was a couple blocks to the west (dont remember). It doesnt do anything nearly as cool, but it still glitches.
  25. Not bad for being on a school mac, sure doesnt feel like it on this old piece of crap upload speed is pretty good
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