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vG MTA Roleplay Server - A revolution in RP!

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Server launches Wednesday, April 8th at 2100 GMT+0




Las Venturas, a city famed for its razmataz and emphasis on sinful indulgence. Where millions flock yearly in the hopes of finding instant fortune at one of the beckoning glitzy casinos that line its famous Strip. But beneath the surface lies another city. A city plagued by crime and conflict. Conflict between rival gangs, between rivals mafias and between the right and wrong sides of the law.

Las Venturas is a city full of stories ready for you to explore.

The Server

Welcome to vG.MTA, where the future of role play begins. After a roller coaster of nearly two years we're proud to release to you the first, and most feature packed server, designed specifically for role play on the Multi Theft Auto scene. Included in the server are exciting features never before seen in the GTA franchise.

Whatever path you chose for your character our server provides the resources to help you do it, whether it's a police officer that enforces the law, a henchman for the local mafia trying to climb the underworld ladder or the generally more relaxed life of a taxi driver just looking to make a buck. The good news is that things are only going to get better as more and more fresh and innovative features are added.

You'll also find enthusiastic and comprehensive admin support. Just like you, our administrators are passionate about role play and strive to provide an enjoyable environment for all our players.



Unlike SAMP scripts, MTA allows us to make use of GUIs to present information and menus creating a more aesthetically pleasing server. This means lists and reams of text no longer need to clog up your chat box and slow down your dramatic role play situations. Add to that the sleek analogue speedometer and fuel gauges and camera effects and you will agree that no role play server has ever been so pleasing on the eye.

A Single Account, Many Characters

Our account system means you only ever need to register once no matter how many characters you want to create. That means you only have to prove yourself by take the tutorial once and creating new characters takes literally a minute. The account menu allows you to see all the characters you have created, view the achievements you have collected while playing in the server, manage account options such as toggling motion blur and a selection of global statistics such as who is the richest player and what is the most popular car to own.

Items and Inventories

All players have a personal inventory which they use to carry items for later use. Items range from food to replenish health to weapons to do the exact opposite. You can drop and collect items from all over the game world as well as purchase items from several different shop types.

Gang Tags

The life of a street hustler is all about representing. The tagging system allows players to spray a graffiti tag on any wall on the map. Gangs can now mark out their territory using graffiti tags meaning there is no need for out of date turf maps posted on forums. As if that isn't enough, the gang tags mods for official gang factions are server side meaning everyone who plays in the server will see your gangs tag around your turf without the need to download and install the mod manually.

Police MDC

The police MDC provides law enforcement with a comprehensive and up to date criminal database, all available while inside the server.


The server has over 100 houses which can be purchased by players with the capacity to create more on the spot as they are needed. Every street has a name and every house has an address. All this is aimed at creating the atmosphere of a real living, breathing city.


MTA v1.0 is the first time animations have been possible in MTA. We know how important animations are to role player so have included a healthy mix of 30 animations, all at your disposal.


The official factions of vG.MTA are provided with a faction menu that makes organising factions easier than ever. Iniviting, kicking, promoting, demoting, setting rank names and wages are all handled in one place.

Custom Mapping and NPCs

We have gone to great lengths to add objects and NPCs to the game map to enrich the city environment. You may have played in Las Venturas before, but you have never played in OUR Las Venturas.

As well as all that we have...

* Jobs.

* Personal vehicles you can lock with a key.

* No vehicle model limit and enough cars for everyone to own their own.

* Customize your own CJ skin.

* Achievements to collect.

* A social networking system that allows you to keep in touch with freinds.

and so much more...


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