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  1. I fucking amaze myself

  2. got tgtap up to rank 5 for xbox

  3. Damn Chris why the crew rank so low

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    2. Nate10


      I play GTA V online still. Haven't in a cpl weeks but besides that...

    3. Nate10


      I never noticed cheaters. Lol

    4. BlackListedB


      Cheating as in giving tons of money to people in MP sessions? I left over 2 months back when that became pervasive. Rockstar clamped down with some fixes, so I've been told. That's just one example that was rather glaring

  4. put them in the player.img thats where clothing goes
  5. disappointing it was great the mini gun and rhino are both back in it
  6. Its just as times go on people move on, we find jobs and develop new interests and just lose time to actually come on here. In retrospect the forums will probably pick up once V is released but its just keeping the people here and what kept that was the things like gangs, and everything that SA had that kept people interested wanting to learn what people did in that game. Im sure we will see a rise in activity just not nowhere near what it used to see.
  7. that looks nice, wish it was a side shot though to see the rims on it but from what I see they look like a dark grey 5 spoke.
  8. A year later this has been updated

  9. I cant wait for the ridiculosness
  10. Nah the black theme should stay as is been like this forever. But should de clutter the GTA section make a seperate section for the portables and leave the console games by them selves.
  11. But even with sending a email how many people still use the same email associated with their accounts
  12. The biggest reason for the inactivity is simply put their is really nothing to post about involving gta and a lot of the older members graduated from uni or still attending and just don't have the time to come on here anymore the way that we used too
  13. If im thinking of the right person I still talk to him
  14. Its like a lot of the older members have been staying just never have the time to really get on here anymore due to real word stuff I work 40 hour weeks and just don't have the energy to come on here and post stuff anymore though I do miss talking with a lot of the older community on here
  15. ah I had started replaying the first game and the chapters seem to be kinda short to me. Anyways when the game releases do they send you all a free copy of the game?
  16. have you seen the specs for mp3 on pc yet

  17. that would be an intersting thing steal cars from an area too often and bait car start getting put there would be an intersting concept
  18. largest in size would be the verdant meadows and largest in terms of holding vehicles their all the same since the max limit is 4 unless your talking about the impound garages
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