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Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3


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anyone played this at all ? its an arcade game, card based tuning, pretty cool.

the story is something like.. the main character finds a Fairlady Z S30 (aka 260Z) about to be scrapped, and asks why. turns out its "evil" and every driver that drove it has died because it was so fast or sumthing.

despite that, in this you can choose from 36 cars (plus a few more hidden cars) including some new cars eg 370Z, Evo X, new WRX (hatch), new MX5

in the jap version only, you can get gemballa (porsche).




if you have / do, post your car / rank etc here.

i got a blue nissan S15, white stripes, vented hood, aero b, 3d gt wing, gold enkei RPF1, its tuned up to 800hp but im running 780hp at the moment. C5 Good Atmosphere. I dont have any pics of it yet :(


got a pic of my car finally lol. image213.jpg quality isnt great, stupid phone camera. bloody black bars appeared right when i took it.

got a WRX as well, heres a pic of it.


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