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Sold her virginity for 8800 pounds.


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Well higher education here isn't that expensive. There are Public Universities, and Private Universities. The difference is that in the case of Public Universities the Government supports the costs for each student, in the mean while, if you go to a private school you have to support the costs. If you go to a public University you might be subject to a test, or several tests. If you do good enough you get admitted and don't pay anything. Universities have an exact number of people to get admitted, and some of them, for those with lower rates, have a tax fee, which equals the sum of money the Government pays for each student.

I don’t know about Private Universities, but the most expensive Public University in Romania is actually my school. Because film is money. I got a high rate so I’m not paying anything. The tax is actually 4000 euros per year. That’s how much money they say they spend for each of us.

And now to get on topic....

We all know prostitution is the oldest job in the world, so that proves one thing for sure, most women are whores. Its either they’re forced to, or just find it easy to get fast money with no education. Either way, it’s known that most women love money, and would do anything for having some dough. Now selling your virginity is in other words prostitution, but the difference is that you can do it only one time.

Now as retarded as it may seem for us, for her it’s just natural, but I think you must be really retarded as a man to spend that much on shit like that, or just have nothing better to do with money. It’s actually obvious that only older business men would do that, with their old wives and children...they feel they need some fresh meat, u know what I’m saying...

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