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  1. kokane

    GTA Online PC

    Anyone here still playing GTA Online on PC? If so feel free to add me, MissKokane.
  2. kokane

    I haven't been here in a while

    oh, the memories...
  3. kokane

    ESO beta

  4. kokane

    ESO beta

    I loved it. It made me pre-order the game. I heard people that weren't that impressed, and they were especially upset that it won't be free to play. I've been an Elder Scrolls fan for over 10 years. I say it's worth the money, at least for me. Probably won't be able to play 12 months a year, but I do want to play it. The graphics are amazing. If you played Skyrim, it's similar to that. Here are a few screenshots I took https://www.facebook.com/MissKokane/media_set?set=a.10202514273551465.1073741833.1034142371&type=3 PS: there will be one more beta until release so you can still sign up. or probably there are still codes people gave up on the internet that weren't claimed from the previous one because each person got an extra code for a friend https://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en-uk/beta
  5. kokane

    ESO beta

    so.. who's up for the Elder Scrolls Online beta this weekend? it starts Friday, February 28th at 12:00PM EST and ends Sunday, March 2nd at 11:59PM EST you can still get a code Edit: fuck. I posted this here instead in Gaming by accident. Can someone please move this to Gaming section?
  6. kokane

    Why is this forum inactive

    yea.. the forum's in a coma
  7. bored as a mutha

  8. kokane

    Three Word Story

    a big fat
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    Hot Guy Thread

  10. kokane

    What Movie Did You Last Watch?

    watched yesterday: and
  11. kokane

    Three Word Story

    kissed it until
  12. Hey guys! I have Vice City on Steam. Some missions piss me off so I need some particular cheats. I installed the ultimate Trainer but most of the cheats won't work and they crash my game. When I start the trainer I get an error message: "You are using a version of GTAVice the trainer was not designed for. This is UNSUPPORTED and may not function correctly", and it does indeed not function correctly. I tried to install the patch but it didn't work. So is there a way to make the Trainer work with the Steam version of the game?
  13. kokane

    What Movie Did You Last Watch?

    I watched yesterday The Rum Diary. Loved it.
  14. kokane

    Favorite Movies

    A selection of some of my all time favorites. Click on photos for links.
  15. kokane

    Your Religion / Beliefs

    It has become a permanent battle between theists and atheists. Each trying to prove they're right. Those that don't believe are satanists and those that believe are fools. It's not about being a good person anymore. It's more important proving you're right, which is something you will never be able to prove anyway, and will end up wasting your life with this nonsense. Yes, I believe this fight over who's right is foolish and useless. There is no way to prove a god exists or not. What is God anyway? They say it's the "creator" of the universe, the "supreme being". But what form and chemical composition does it have? I know the Bible says it is a supernatural being with the appearance of man. But you know, the dictionary says that fairies are also supernatural beings. The dictionary defines the spirit and soul as principles and immaterial entities. You can't physically prove their existence. They're like ideas. So I consider "God" more of a title than that unique god the christians worship. It's a title like mother, president, creator. It can have many and any form. It can be energy or a fairy. I don't believe in a creator. But I also don't hate or judge people who do. They are free to believe in whatever they want as long as it makes them better persons. You don't have to share my ideas, but don't try to make me be like you and don't judge me for being different. Before I continue I would also like to express my opinion on how some christians consider atheists satanists. If you are a satanist you worship Satan. If you worship Satan you believe in Satan. If you believe in Satan you are a christian. So therefore, you can't be an atheist and a satanist at the same time, you have to be a christian. I believe in science and the laws of nature. I have my own philosophies and ideas on life and spirituality. I discovered they are compatible with Buddhism and Taoism so I decided to follow this path. I would like to think of it more of a philosophy and way of life than a religion. Even though it's nontheist, most still consider and practice it as a religion. "To turn the Buddha into a religious fetish is to miss the essence of what he taught. (...) The wisdom of the Buddha is currently trapped within the religion of Buddhism. (...) While it may be true enough to say that Buddhism is not a religion, most Buddhists worldwide practice it as such, in many of the naive, petitionary, and superstitious ways in which all religions are practiced." I selected the following quote from an article I read because it says it better than I would. "Incompatible religious doctrines have balkanized our world into separate moral communities, and these divisions have become a continuous source of bloodshed. Indeed, religion is as much a living spring of violence today as it has been at any time in the past. The recent conflicts in Palestine (Jews vs. Muslims), the Balkans (Orthodox Serbians vs. Catholic Croatians; Orthodox Serbians vs. Bosnian and Albanian Muslims), Northern Ireland (Protestants vs. Catholics), Kashmir (Muslims vs. Hindus), Sudan (Muslims vs. Christians and animists), Nigeria (Muslims vs. Christians), Ethiopia and Eritrea (Muslims vs. Christians), Sri Lanka (Sinhalese Buddhists vs. Tamil Hindus), Indonesia (Muslims vs. Timorese Christians), Iran and Iraq (Shiite vs. Sunni Muslims), and the Caucasus (Orthodox Russians vs. Chechen Muslims; Muslim Azerbaijanis vs. Catholic and Orthodox Armenians) are merely a few cases in point. These are places where religion has been the explicit cause of literally millions of deaths in recent decades. Why is religion such a potent source of violence? There is no other sphere of discourse in which human beings so fully articulate their differences from one another, or cast these differences in terms of everlasting rewards and punishments. Religion is the one endeavor in which us–them thinking achieves a transcendent significance. If you really believe that calling God by the right name can spell the difference between eternal happiness and eternal suffering, then it becomes quite reasonable to treat heretics and unbelievers rather badly. The stakes of our religious differences are immeasurably higher than those born of mere tribalism, racism, or politics. Religion is also the only area of our discourse in which people are systematically protected from the demand to give evidence in defense of their strongly held beliefs. And yet, these beliefs often determine what they live for, what they will die for, and—all too often—what they will kill for. This is a problem, because when the stakes are high, human beings have a simple choice between conversation and violence. At the level of societies, the choice is between conversation and war. There is nothing apart from a fundamental willingness to be reasonable—to have one’s beliefs about the world revised by new evidence and new arguments—that can guarantee we will keep talking to one another. Certainty without evidence is necessarily divisive and dehumanizing." My point is, whatever your religion is, what matters is you being a good person, not harming innocent others. Even thought I hate violence and promote peace, I do hate evil people and I would torture and kill without regret those evil bastards.