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  1. kokane


    damn.. trip down memory lane.. According to my profile I joined in January 2005, so I was 17 and a half. I remember I was looking for mods for Vice City and so stumbled across this site, and I emailed Chris congratulating him on great work on the website. I do want to apologize for all the shit that I posted lol, but nonetheless TGTAP will always be special to me, great friendships and memories came out of it and I'm happy to be here in 2020 and see that I'm not the only one still thinking about it.
  2. hey everyone :3

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      Переходите по ссылке: гидра форум - и бросайте употреблять разные гадости не губите свое здоровье.

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  3. kokane

    GTA Online PC

    Anyone here still playing GTA Online on PC? If so feel free to add me, MissKokane.
  4. kokane

    I haven't been here in a while

    oh, the memories...
  5. kokane

    ESO beta

  6. kokane

    ESO beta

    I loved it. It made me pre-order the game. I heard people that weren't that impressed, and they were especially upset that it won't be free to play. I've been an Elder Scrolls fan for over 10 years. I say it's worth the money, at least for me. Probably won't be able to play 12 months a year, but I do want to play it. The graphics are amazing. If you played Skyrim, it's similar to that. Here are a few screenshots I took https://www.facebook.com/MissKokane/media_set?set=a.10202514273551465.1073741833.1034142371&type=3 PS: there will be one more beta until release so you can still sign up. or probably there are still codes people gave up on the internet that weren't claimed from the previous one because each person got an extra code for a friend https://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en-uk/beta
  7. kokane

    ESO beta

    so.. who's up for the Elder Scrolls Online beta this weekend? it starts Friday, February 28th at 12:00PM EST and ends Sunday, March 2nd at 11:59PM EST you can still get a code Edit: fuck. I posted this here instead in Gaming by accident. Can someone please move this to Gaming section?
  8. kokane

    Why is this forum inactive

    yea.. the forum's in a coma
  9. bored as a mutha

  10. kokane

    Three Word Story

    a big fat
  11. kokane

    Hot Guy Thread

  12. kokane

    What Movie Did You Last Watch?

    watched yesterday: and
  13. kokane

    Three Word Story

    kissed it until
  14. Hey guys! I have Vice City on Steam. Some missions piss me off so I need some particular cheats. I installed the ultimate Trainer but most of the cheats won't work and they crash my game. When I start the trainer I get an error message: "You are using a version of GTAVice the trainer was not designed for. This is UNSUPPORTED and may not function correctly", and it does indeed not function correctly. I tried to install the patch but it didn't work. So is there a way to make the Trainer work with the Steam version of the game?
  15. kokane

    What Movie Did You Last Watch?

    I watched yesterday The Rum Diary. Loved it.