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gta1 error

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when i run gta1 for the first time it runs fine but when i run it the second time it crashes when it tries to load the map, the game is unmoded and i have no idea why it does this i have windows vista

New: i found 2 ways to fix this

1. make a backup of the player a_dat file in the gtadata folder and replace it every single time before the game is started

2. you can also fix this problem by right clicking on the player a_dat file in the gtadata folder, click on properties and going to the security tab

click on system in the users list and deselecting the "modify" checkbox.The only problem with this method is that the game will crash if you try

to change the name of a player, and if you try to leave the level.Thus it does not allow cheats.

Unfortunately neither of these allows the game to be saved :unsure: so #1 is probly the best option if you want to get to the other levels.

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