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  1. this issue was fixed by changing settings in the limit adjuster
  2. Ok the airtrain has been replaced with another model that works properly, except it has no doors. anyway, with the fixing of one issue comes more. I figured out how to create spawn points for cars using a cleo script, however this has one limitation in that I can't spawn vehicles that have an id outside of a certain range. Apparently this number is 614, anything higher than that the script will ignore. allthough those vehicles can be spawned naturally in traffic by adding them to the cargrp file. I don't know if lower ids will work. But the UFO is 612 and the airtrain is 613, so they can be spawned. Everything else at this point is 186XX.
  3. It's a pet project of mine to try to expand san andreas in a way that makes it look as if it was intended. First off I started with the basics, I added a bunch of cars. Most of which are derivatives of cars already in the game. Such as a civilian lvpd car, or a romero sedan. Some are vice city models, and LCS or VCS models. Preferably vice city models if I can help it. The rio is also added, but I have never seen it spawn. As well as a Stardust house boat, which I thought was a cool mod and just had to add to the game. Which is also the explanation for why I added a tempo matador, I just liked the mod. Some models are replaced with better ones, such as the shamal and dodo have been replaced with colourable versions. Where the differences weren't enough to justify creating another model. All the added cars share handling with pre-existing car, because of a limitation where I can't figure out how to add custom handling (The game doesn't read any lines added to the file. ) I think I had a mod that allowed this, but the added cars would then be silent. Furthermore some spawn points were added, such as an andromada now spawns in the LV airport, off to the side of the runway, where it fits pretty well, and an added in ufo spawns in area 69 in front of a garage. The ufo shares it's handling with the sparrow, but that is all. You can still find the sparrow in its usual places. All added vehicles have custom gxt entries and sound sets that were thought to be appropriate for them. Future plans: Add more cars, until I quite possibly can't add any more. I think I will run out of space in the car.grp file first, rather than ids. I really want to add more myths, like bigfoot and leatherface, dessert serial killer. which will probably just be aggresive peds that have high health and spawn points in the middle of nowhere. Like bigfoot spawns in the middle of the forrest and wanders around, running from the player if seen. Leatherface spawns with a chainsaw at midnight and trys to kill the player, the dsk spawns in arco del oeste at midnight and tries to kill player with country rifle. Minor map modifications. I don't want to interfer with the storyline in anyway, I still want the game to be playable, just extended. Questions: I got an airtrain added in that crashes the game when entering, does anybody have a mod for this plane that works? It's sharing it's handling with the at-400. It only crashes when trying to enter it it will spawn and sit perfectly without threatening the integrity of the game. Is it possible to add trains? Is it possible to add custom audio without replacing anything pre existing? I think it would be cool if the ufo had custom sound effects, and that's litterally the only thing I want it for at this moment. Although, maybe custom sounds for bigfoot\leatherface\dsk down the road would be interesting too. Is it possible to add custom weapons? Is it possible to add spawn points for custom vehicles\peds by using a cleo script, without editing the game files so I don't have to start a new save every time I do so? Or do I have to do that even with a script?
  4. I just got the pc version of gta v 3 days ago, but while I was playing online earlier today, I saw a weird glitch, I was driving around at the LS airport, somebody flew over me in a Luxor deluxe, and then a "king of the castle" event was announced by the dam north of Los Santos. So I hopped into an "ordinary" luxor, that was parked there, and a little while after I took off, I noticed the plane had the gold doors, and the gold elevators of the Luxor deluxe, though the rest of the plane was normal. I took a screenshot, but I forgot to save it..... anyway I just thought it was weird, and worth reporting. Has anyone else seen anything like this?
  5. I have a feeling the skimmer, hydra and Hunter will be made available, since their models clearly exist, as for when they will release them, it is beyond me. A lot of people are asking for the dukes, so there's a decent chance they could bring it back. As for anything else, I don't know. Also, I would like to see the cavalcade FXT, Uranus, and blista compact return as well. And the Blade, the lowrider, not the boat.
  6. I've heard there's a minigun that spawns in the control tower in Fort Zancudo, Also, pre customized cars will spawn in certain locations in Los Santos. One of these locations is grovestreet, and another one is an empty lot at the southeastern part of los santos, just north of a bridge. It's in the southeastern most block of los santos, They don't spawn all the time though. And then there's that NPC with the black sentinel XS that spawns sometimes after entering a session in online and drives like crazy. I've heard he also appears in tailgaters and entity xfs, but so far I've only seen him in a black sentinel xs. You can find submarines online, and use them to avoid getting killed by bounty hunters. One spawns at a dock along the west side of the map, although normally a marquis will spawn here instead, and another spawns inside the merry weather dock. There is also a larger, dismantled submarine here as well, that is a prop and can't be driven. Dumptrucks can be found in the quarry area, but only during the day, they won't spawn at night.
  7. This can include vehicles from previous games, or even brand new vehicles. Personally I think they should bring a lot of the muscle cars back from Gtaiv, including the Dukes, Stallion, Tampa, and Faction.
  8. i temporarely fixed this problem by having 2 ai cars that spawn and inevitably collide with eachother at an angle that sets them both off to run around the track. Anyway i have another problem with trying to get 2 phones to work simultaneosly.
  9. Ok i finally figured it out, and the ai car will now race around the track, but i have one last problem, it will not do so unless it is bumped by the player's car. Can anyone figure out why this is happening as I am so close to getting this script figured out here is the bulk of my current script for the race race1: ropp1=create_char (90.0,25.0,2.0) 2 0 guard end op1=CREATE_CAR ( 90.0, 24.0, 2.0 ) 3 270 stratosb END SET_CHAR_OBJECTIVE (ropp1,ENTER_CAR_AS_DRIVER , op1) set check=1 set pcheck=1 set lap=0 set race=1 GIVE_WEAPON ( op1 , Car_Machine_gun, 99 ) SET_FAVOURITE_MODEL ( ropp1 , stratosb ) SET_CHAR_THREAT_SEARCH (ropp1, area) SET_CHAR_THREAT_REACTION (ropp1, REACT_AS_NORMAL ) ADD_ONSCREEN_COUNTER (lap, lap) ADD_ONSCREEN_COUNTER (pcheck, pcheck) while_exec(race=1) set_arrow_colour (rguide, blue) If (pcheck=1) point_arrow_at (rguide, 5.0,23.0,2.0) endif If ((pcheck=1) and (LOCATE_CHARACTER_ANY_MEANS (p1, 5.0,23.0,2.0, 3.0 , 3.0))) point_arrow_at (rguide, 4.0,4.0,2.0) set pcheck=2 endif If ((pcheck=2) and (LOCATE_CHARACTER_ANY_MEANS (p1, 4.0,4.0,2.0, 3.0 , 3.0))) point_arrow_at (rguide, 158.0,4.0,2.0) set pcheck=3 endif If ((pcheck=3) and (LOCATE_CHARACTER_ANY_MEANS (p1, 158.0,4.0,2.0, 3.0 , 3.0))) point_arrow_at (rguide, 159.0,23.0,2.0) set pcheck=4 endif If ((pcheck=4) and (LOCATE_CHARACTER_ANY_MEANS (p1, 159.0,23.0,2.0, 3.0 , 3.0))) point_arrow_at (rguide, 100.0,23.0,2.0) set pcheck=5 endif If ((pcheck=5) and (LOCATE_CHARACTER_ANY_MEANS (p1, 100.0,23.0,2.0, 3.0 , 3.0))) point_arrow_at (rguide, 5.0,23.0,2.0) set pcheck=1 ++lap endif if (lap>3) CLEAR_ONSCREEN_COUNTER (lap) CLEAR_ONSCREEN_COUNTER (pcheck) remove_arrow (rguide) set race=0 endif if (( check=1)and (IS_CHAR_OBJECTIVE_PASSED (ropp1) )) SET_CHAR_TO_USE_CAR_WEAPON ( ropp1 , ON ) SET_CHAR_OBJECTIVE (ropp1,GOTO_AREA_IN_CAR, 5.0, 23.0, 2.0) SET_CHAR_DRIVE_AGGRESSION (ropp1, ON) Set_char_max_drivespeed (ropp1,0.38 ) set check=2 endif if (( check=2)and(LOCATE_CHARACTER_ANY_MEANS (ropp1, 5.0,23.0,2.0, 3.0 , 3.0))) SET_CHAR_OBJECTIVE (ropp1,GOTO_AREA_IN_CAR, 4.0, 3.5, 2.0) set check=3 endif if (( check=3)and(LOCATE_CHARACTER_ANY_MEANS (ropp1, 4.0,3.5,2.0, 1.0 , 3.0))) SET_CHAR_OBJECTIVE (ropp1,GOTO_AREA_IN_CAR, 81.0, 4.0, 2.0) set check=4 endif if (( check=4)and(LOCATE_CHARACTER_ANY_MEANS (ropp1, 81.0,4.0,2.0, 3.0 , 3.0))) SET_CHAR_OBJECTIVE (ropp1,GOTO_AREA_IN_CAR, 158.0, 4.0, 2.0) set check=5 endif if (( check=5)and(LOCATE_CHARACTER_ANY_MEANS (ropp1, 81.0,4.0,2.0, 3.0 , 3.0))) SET_CHAR_OBJECTIVE (ropp1,GOTO_AREA_IN_CAR, 120.0, 4.0, 2.0) set check=6 endif if (( check=6)and(LOCATE_CHARACTER_ANY_MEANS (ropp1, 120.0,4.0,2.0, 3.0 , 3.0))) SET_CHAR_OBJECTIVE (ropp1,GOTO_AREA_IN_CAR, 158.0, 4.0, 2.0) set check=7 endif if (( check=7)and(LOCATE_CHARACTER_ANY_MEANS (ropp1, 158.0,4.0,2.0, 3.0 , 3.0))) SET_CHAR_OBJECTIVE (ropp1,GOTO_AREA_IN_CAR, 159.0, 23.0, 2.0) set check=8 endif if (( check=8)and(LOCATE_CHARACTER_ANY_MEANS (ropp1, 159.0,23.0,2.0, 3.0 , 3.0))) SET_CHAR_OBJECTIVE (ropp1,GOTO_AREA_IN_CAR, 100.0, 23.0, 2.0) set check=9 endif if ((( check=9)and(LOCATE_CHARACTER_ANY_MEANS (ropp1, 100.0,23.0,2.0, 3.0 , 6.0))) and (not(lap1>3))) set check=1 ++ lap1 endif if ((lap1>3)and(LOCATE_CHARACTER_ANY_MEANS (ropp1, 100.0,23.0,2.0, 3.0 , 3.0))) display_message (1022) kill_char (ropp1) set race=0 endif endwhile return This script is very primitive and basically just creates a car that races around the track, and some arrows to guide the player around as well, in the future i plan to add additional ai and a functioning check point and lap counters as well as possibly a timer, but right now i'm just trying to fix the issue of the ai car having to be bumbped first before it actually races.
  10. the latest version includes an expanded map and more parked vehicles as well as several paintshops to change your vehicle's color, there is also a crane in the junkyard you can use to put cars on the flatbed trailer, i have experiment with creating races but it hasn't gotten to far as you will see, the ai car just runs to the side of the map and then it reverses. if anyone knows how to script competive racing ai please help.I would make it available to download but i dont have anymore space to upload it and i can't figure out how to delete things so i can make more.
  11. i think its interesting how gta2 has features they never have put into another gta game yet like the ability to put mines, oil slicks, and machine guns on your car, and the ability to transport a car on a trailer without worrying about it falling off or the trailer exploding.
  12. what ideas do you have instead of a police wanted level?
  13. not really a guess more of an idea A scaled- down version of the U.S.A featuring Revisions of all of the major cities in the game series near the west coast end of the map would be 2 major cities of san andreas all remade and expanded in hd graphics Los santos san fierro a remade and expanded Las venturas would be just west of the center of the map Near the North east corner of the map would be GTA4's liberty city and near the south east corner would be a remade and expanded vice city. All the in between spots would be filled with countryside scenes in the eastern half and desert scenes in the western half complete with small towns no bigger then 1\3 of the size of the major cities
  14. No the map will be completely different, GTASA comprised the entire state of san andreas, Although because it was an entire state, the citys (even the major ones) were a bit small (understatement) compared to there real life counterparts. I believe GTAV will include a completely recreated and reimagined version of los santos, with the city being closer in size to real life Los Angeles. With city being either equal in size or larger then Gta4's version of libery city. The City in GTAV will also feature a vast countryside ( possibly a recreation and expansion of the areas between los santos and san fiero and or los santos and las venturas surrounding the city, possibly featuring recreations of small towns such as blueberry, angel pine, or montgomery from gtasa. Another possible theory, is that they took aspects of alll three citys in GTASA and combined them into one large city, combined with the expanded countryside previously mentioned.Either way these 3 things are practically guaranteed so far. 1. GTAV's Map will be larger Then GTA4's 2. There will be a large countryside in GTAV 3.GTAV will feature los santos as its primary city That is all i can say about GTAV's map so far.
  15. I think its because then you would be running into people left and right plus it be hard to keep the framerate, and then if they made the road traffic realistic there would be no point in hijacking a sports car as you wouldn't be able to get anywhere with it anyway without constantly running into other cars.It would really ruin the game. I think that with this level of modification this game could really be one of the best, like Saints Row 2 without the crappy driving physics, total lack of a sense of speed, and repetive (shoot this, shoot that, blow this up) missions, but with an even deeper modification system.
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