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Require A Banner


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I think I've ran out of banner ideas.

Heres the website: Link

The website is going to be redesigned so it doesn't HAVE to match the websites design.

It has to have the text: GTA Ganstas

I just need something full of GTAness.

It can have any GTA's in besides from the 2D ones (Inc the LCS and VCS). Mainly San Andreas and GTA IV. It doesn't have to have them all in though. As much as you can fit without overdoing it :P

I really want this to be the last time I need a banner for a while so I'm hoping for one as good as I can get for 10000 forum store dollars (I don't use them anyway). If I don't choose yours, it's simply because I'm on strict mode at the moment :D


EDIT: Meh, I think I was supposed to post in the Trading Stalls xO

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