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how to change the vehichles to be raced in the 8 track

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I was wondering if you could do so. I want to race some pocketbikes(faggio) in it instead of the hotring's. Would I have to go into the scripts and what part of the file would I edit? Would I just make a new mission in one of the programs?

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Unforunatley, Rockstar made the Hotrings (hotrina, hotrinb, hotrinc in modding terms) un-moddable. The game will crash with ANY car in place of the hotrings.


There are two ways you could do this. The simple one is to edit the main.scm file so that it uses a different car... But this involves starting a whole new game.


You should be able to simply change the name of a cars dff and txd file (such as the cheetah) to the name of the hotring racer and the hotring racer to the cheetah... Meaning that instead of hotring racers you have cheetahs... And instead of cheetahs you have hotring racers. Which can be annoying anyway...

Also, if you wanted the handling changed you'd have to swap the values in the data files too.

Either way is annoying though...

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If the game engine works anything like Vice City, you'll only be able to swap cars for other cars. It has to do w/

the extra handling lines for bikes, boats, aircraft, etc.

The best way is to edit the MAIN.SCR & change the vehicles called by the game. In theory you could copy the

"8-Track" mission code & give it a new mission number & name like "Faggio Rally", then change the vehicles used

& move the mission pickup to another part of the arena.

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