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There is a lil story of my gang:

So its late 90's and the grove street families have driven the ballas out of los santos,and the vagos(but they just have falen as all theyr OG's have been killed.So me the only Front Yard Balla OG, left the city an came to Liberty City for a new life and to run away from the GSF.After i came in LC, it was all the same a city full of crimes,but full of opportunitys aswell,so i decided to form a new gang called UBN - United Balla Nation, so i am recruiting now for people to join me.

Some Gang info:

Servers: I prefer to pay on freeroam but we will play on more

Skin: I prefer u use a black skin,but white is ok if u want it

Color: jeans/military/red clothes

Hang out place: South Bohan

Gang wars: If any other gang would like to have a war on free roam,im all for it,if dats possible anyways,lol

Gang type: I dont like serious players,i mean 'Oh shit we got beaten,wtf dudes u suk ass' lol i just want to have some fun

Gang crimes: Drive bys, gangbanging and street racing

Challenges: We would also like if another gang would challenge us to some street racing, just for fun.

Info about me:

This is a ps3 gang and my online ID is moldovan_man, so add me and join my gang.


also we will arrange times to have some training,deathmatch and racing

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