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  1. Yo anyone wants to join a gta4 mp gang, on ps3, but nota problem if you have xbox or pc. Go to http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=420214, thats my gng JOIN IT TODAY
  2. what is wrong with saying thx lol? and yo i would play sa-mp, u lucky u can run it, my computer is soo shit it cant even run gta sa, but i play gta 4 on my ps3.
  3. I tried that once, it didnt work and Niko ended up dying. What I like to do now that I finished the missions.. flying around the city, playing over my favorite missions (Three Leaf Clover), shooting random pedestrians, getting in fist fights, and stunting of tall buildings. <Would have been awesome if R* included a parachute. yeah, hopefully in the next gta they will make it more like gta sa, i mean all the fun you can have there, it never gets old, you can go killing, racing, chilling, flying, jumping with parachutes, exploring cities, mountains and more dude that was a fantastic game.
  4. hhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm hard, but i loike the most the vagos lol, like their dressing style plus the yellow bandana and they attack in big groups. after that wou;ld be ballas
  5. that would tatally ruin da game lol no offense but this is crime game not skating
  6. Lil_G

    GTA 5

    like in gta 4 will do, quaiet a difference between the gang mambers, and not all wearing rags as well, but do wear the colors
  7. not a problem for me i mostly use taxis.
  8. Lil_G

    New gta multiplayer

    LOL Llama's right man, plus would it kill you to use proper English? If you don't like team deathmatch then I have an idea for you; DON'T FUCKING PLAY IT!? There are other mp modes e.g racing, so if TD ain;t your thing, then play a different mode. bust yo face in if u call me a hood rat i=u piece of shit. Did i say anything bout dat bullshit u sayin? nah i didnt all i said is make more like gta sa mp only better, learn to read did i say i dont lik it? no i didnt all i said is dat gets annoying, wtf? u go in free roam an its still DM every1 shoots lik some fuked up bitches, anyways fuk dis topic its useless, can any1 close it? i found a better way to play online (just like i wanted to lol)
  9. dats a good blog dude keep it up
  10. www.hookedonphonics.com

  11. yo y does it always say the original disk could not be found when i try to get in a server? i have my cd in and i also have a cd crack too. any ideas?
  12. k so there: OGF - bloods Ballas - cripz cuz OGF are ment to be ( i think) the lime piru blood which wear green bandanas, an ballas the grape street watts (cripz) which wear purple bandanas. OGF is unti narcotic just lik blood, an cripz are wiv da drugs just lik ballas. OGF throw b's up an ballas throw C's up
  13. same lol, love flyin in da desert, da thing is country side rains a lot but in da dessert itz suny
  14. i wud but da problem is i hav it on ps3, so no mods. An yeah im playin both
  15. yh it did , cj is DEAD LOL HE WAS A fagget anyways. it took me 4 hours a day to play. about big foot
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