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Two New GTAIV DLC Episodes, GTAV In "Fiscal 2011"

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As reported by GamesIndustry.biz, Take-Two and Rockstar should release two extra episodes for GTAIV in the fiscal year 2010, and the following fiscal year, we'll see Grand Theft Auto V. This information comes courtesy of analyst Todd Mitchell of Kaufman Bros. Equity Research, and he does say it's possible that the new DLC will come to both the PS3 and Xbox 360. In his quote, he says formats are "unsure" at this time, and he does expect to see GTAV hit during Take-Two's 2011 fiscal year, and believe it or not, there might be a new GTA for the aging PS2 as well. He says this is probably the "least likely" to happen of all his predictions, but he cites the many PSP GTA titles that have ended up on the PS2 in port form. Furthermore, in good news to investors, Kaufman Bros. have officially upgraded Take-Two to a "Buy" rating, simply because they believe the company isn't a one-franchise wonder anymore. Freshly announced Rockstar titles - like the PS3 exclusive, Agent - and other titles should really bolster Take-Two's position. This "solid lineup" means they don't have to rely so much on GTA, although you can bet the latter will remain lucrative.

Great news! Two other DLC packages for GTAIV next year AND a release year for GTAV!

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