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Who is who?


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VLA cannot be latin kings because latin kings are like puerto rican and are in the east like new york city.They cannot be nortenos because they are in the north. Los Santos is suppose to be Los ANgeles so that is in the south and there are Mexicans not puerto ricans.

Bug Smoke cannot be B.I.G. because B.I.G. is in new york. That is why ther e was a big east vs. west thing. I think he is suppose to be ice cube.

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k so there:

OGF - bloods

Ballas - cripz

cuz OGF are ment to be ( i think) the lime piru blood which wear green bandanas, an ballas the grape street watts (cripz) which wear purple bandanas. OGF is unti narcotic just lik

blood, an cripz are wiv da drugs just lik ballas. OGF throw b's up an ballas throw C's up

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