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What To Do With A .gsi File ?

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It seems to be some sort of self-installing script. It modifies the config files automaticaly.

Here is the information in it:

(Overwrite the line in your vehicles.ide file)

521,	fcr900,		fcr900,		bike,		FCR900,		FCR900,	bikes,	motorbike,	6,	0,	3f341210,	-1,	0.68,	0.68,		-1

(Overwrite the line in your handling.cfg file)

FCR900		1200.0 	1400.0 	4.0 	0.0 	0.05 	-0.09 	103 	2.0 	0.9 	0.48 	5 	15000.0 	80.0 	50.0 	R 	P 	15.0 	0.50 	0 	35.0 	1.2 	0.15 	0.0 	0.15 	-0.16 	0.5 	0.0 	0.0 	0.11 	10000 	1000008 	C 	1 	1 	4

Don't know how to "use" the gsi file though.

Also note that this will only change how the bike behaves. This will not install the textures for the bike, meaning your bike will look the same.

If you find out how to use this, tell me. I could probably work out how to use this method for all sorts of self-installing mods...

EDIT: And then a few minutes later, I crack it!

This is a GTA San Andreas Ultimate Editor file. Download that and use it to install the mod.

It is a very compressed file (which explains the small 90kb file size) which auto-installs when used with SA Ultimate Editor ;)

Have fun!

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