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San Andreas Crap Traffic


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Hi all... this is a topic i dont know it already exist ( if yes im sorry) but i cant stand a minute without asking.... >.<

Is there a way to copy some .cfg files or do something i dk to make traffic in san andreas like in other GTA. Like in VC for example. Rockstar rushed the release of this game and the traffic from highway and all other places is crap. I know some of you dont drive normal and you want speed ... but for some there who are like me (driving to see and have fun actually....see places etc.), but when i stay at traffic lights...a police is chansing a Taxi....and ofcourse it rans into me and damage my car, or on streets..if you look carefuly you will se they are programed to run the same speed as you...a BMW with Volga same speed of highway, many many other traffic bugs. You get it. I wonder if its a mod or a .cfg file to transform this crap traffic like in VC...more civilized and not crashing into you at every 30 seconds :pissedred: . I thought is the map ( the ipl files into maps..who programs the cars..but they arent). And they are spwning in your face... :bashhead: ... i had enough for 2 years now....THATS IT ! :bashhead:

So if you could pls help me. :lolbounce:

My english sucks sorry :whistle:

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Well i think this is NOT Possible ..

R* Games has made it like this way.

Or maybe some kind of Professional Modder or something can do it i guess im not sure.

:bashhead: Yea i guess...but when im installing United mod the traffic is good....but i dont like to play in VC or LC because i dont have much to do. Infact i like SA map more that other. Thanks anyway... :coolthumbup:

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