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are you going to san fierro? HELP

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As I was playing gta sa on my pc I got to the level where you talk to the truth and the level is called "are you going to san fierro?". Well as the cutscene finished the screen blacked out and my windows vista said "gta sa has stopped working". I don't know if this a problem many other vista pc players have experienced but this happens everytime I try to do that level and it is REALLY ANNOYING. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. btw I have version 1. THX in advanced

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Does it still black out even when u skip it?

If you want a save file then your in luck! Coz I just did that mission last night and haven't done any others. But let me know if you need it first :)

Yeah it blacks out even if I skip it and thanks for the save file but I still don't know how to use it.... I'm a newb yes I know lol >.<

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