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Toreno's last flight SA V2


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Here's a tip: Are you just driving in front of the chopper and then blow the rocket launchers at it? That will not work. This is what you do, just drive on the freeway and stop where they're are a bunch of tree's. When the Helicopter is at the end of the runway with the tree's it will stop for a total of 5-10 seconds giving you an opportunity to shoot it down. Give it one more try.

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LOL< just another suggestion even tho this users got past the mission.....

Even tho you do not have a pilots license to enter Airports, you can use a car and park along that little Security Building jump on the car and on the building...

The gates will open after you get off the building and are behind the gates.. T

Then go ahead under that little tunnel that leads you to the runway/terminals, make a left go to those 3 tanks laying on there side you will find a heat seeking, rocket launcher between the 2nd and 3rd tank... It auto locks onto a target and chases the target down, then take the same route back, go directly str8 from the that little access/tunnel you will see a heli, this is the only aircraft you can enter without a license... I HAVE TRIED TO ENTER OTHER AIRCRAFT WITHOUT A LICENSE!!

You need to start the mission first before doing this... Then take the heli and land on the roof so you are facing tail end of Toreno's heli... There are two rooftop besides the heli landing platform.. The one next to the Platform is where you want to be.. When you approach the police building stay along the bridge to keep from getting detected..

You can take out the two guards atop the platform with an AK or sniper rifle. Then jump into the ledge, get the launcher ready and walk off.. NOTE YOU CANNOT JUMP ON THE LEDGE WITH CJ HOLDING THE LAUNCHER..

As soon as CJ gets on his feet, AIM, Lock on and fire just keep firing, you should get 3 missiles off before he fly around the corner and behind the building, if he gets to this point the missiles are useless.. If you get them off quick enough you will take him out as he corners that building..

If not you will have to chase him down.. But the auto lock makes easier even if you do have to chase him down.. I would drive way way ahead of him giving you time to get off the bike or car, too set up and take him out...

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