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    GTA: SA Crazy Trainer +151 Problems

    I've got a totally different question here. I used the trainer to get Gold medals on the Driving and Flight schools (curse you, Burn and Lap/ Destroy Targets!). For Driving School everything was slinky; I did the City Slickers test again and got all three vehicles outside the building. But I've got problems with Flight School. I've done the parachuting mission several times and still only have the Rustler out front (I had all gold but Destroy Targets before). Where is my Stunt Plane, and more importantly, my Hunter? I definately have all gold Medals, but the reward vehicles aren't there. Anyone have any help for me here? Sometimes it spawns, and sometime it doesn't. I have gold in all pilot tests, but I didn't use a trainer. Even without a trainer it still spawns when ever it wants to. Not when I need it. If you have all gold in pilot school you should be able to go into the Naval Base in San Fierro and see a Hunter on the heli marked landing, which is on the ground. Sometimes that doesn't spawn as well.. Once you get gold in all pilot tests it unlocks the Hunter thru out the game, altho I only know of 2 areas it spawns, Verdant Meadows, and San Fierro Naval Base, you could Google for GTA SA Vehicle Maps to find out where else they spawn.
  2. It appears my intsall cd is messed up. This is going to suck I gotta find an original v1.00 PC version cd to have version 1.00. Should have known something was up I noticed the background install pictures looked of a really low quailty as it was installing.
  3. For the life of me I cannot figure out why this has happened, I uninstalled the game and deleted out any remaining files including the GTA SAN ANDREAS User folder. I am using windows XP, never had this problem before, when I would install a new GTA SAN AN and play it, it would create a new GTA SAN AN saved file folder. But for whatever reason it refuses to do this, and when I play the game it uses the DATA folder as (I am guessing) a backup folder or the saved game files are being directed into the DATA folder. I have previous GTA SAN AN User file folders (I backup them up everytime), and put one of them into MY Docs but it refuses to read the folder. I cannot figure out why it is doing this? Not sure if I have a hard drive problem, and I just re-did my hard drive and have done this at least a dozen times before with no problems. Could be a firewall issue, tho I can play the game and the firewall never brotheres to ask for premission. I am drawing a blank on what is going on. I had the same game for years, but this is the first time this ever came up. I used search engines to see if anyone had this problem, or if I could find out how to fix it, but I came up with nothing.......
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    GTA SA missions glitchs or what the hell?

    But a point he makes is because he used cleo mods it may have modded or caused a glitch in his saved game files, or when it was writting the save game it logged the cleo mods as cheats. So even with a re-install, and without the cleo mod, his saved game file is still messed up. He should just leave out all the cleo mods or any mod till he completes the game, or at least all missions and sub-missions. He re-installed the game and started new but used the cleo mods again, I hope he comes back and says if his still having problems or it did not mess the game up this time.
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    GTA SA Save Game Issues

    This is gets answered all the time, but you must know what version of San Andreas you have, and download a 100% saved game for that version, ie 1.00, 2.00 ect. If you have the rgiht version there should not be any problems. If you have mods, or the downloaded saved game file had mods, or cheats used it could be a bad saved game.
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    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    Answer: You cannot without a trainer or cheat. Unless someone came up with a new way to steal it I asked How many Freefall Dive spots there were with bulidings in which you must enter with the yellow highlight marker. There are actually 3 one in San Ferrio, one in Los Santos and anyother one near the Big Ear, it is a raidio antenna not marked by a yellow marker but it will take you to the top for a freefall dive. What does the license plate on the Buffalo say in the misision High Noon? I will try to get a marked MAP pic of the radio antenna..
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    GTA London

    The title pretty much say it.. For those of you unaware there is GTA London.. I would actually like to see RockStar take a long look at making this... I seem to be the only one to admit I have had it with the remakes of Liberty City. GTA IV has awesome game play, and attention to detail, even tho the buidings and street are different, its still Liberty City.. RockStar claimed it wanted to make several series from the Original GTA, but London for whatever reason has been ignored.. I do not know if it is from threats of lawsuits or some other goofy thing London will do against RockStar. Or if they just threw the idea out.. It would be a remake but it is the only game in the series that has yet to be done.. If RockStar is going to stick with there statement about the GTA Series, London is the only one left to make.. I know players want to see more of the same, maybe even a completely different GTA with some other country or major tri-state area. Last time I posted this on another GTA Forum, people made no collective thought, before ranting or adding mindless comments, for whatever reason completely flipping out over this thought. But read the above carefully, this is about RockStar, and how you would feel IF Rockstar explored doing a remake of the game.. Obviously I do want to hear what players think of this, that's the reason for posting.
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    HELP! need to know ! read

    Version 1.0 If you have 2.0 you can downgrade it to 1.0, there is a patch in the mod section on-- thegtaPlace.com
  9. There are 2 files you need will need to edit.. All the files are in RockStar/GTA San Andreas/DATA/ CARGRP.DAT PEDS.IDE When you open the cargrp file, via windows notepad, or whatever you prefer. You will see how the cars are grouped Airport Crew, Airport Runway. Clubbers (party peds), Workers, Gangs, and several others as well. I wiped out a few of the [ Airport Runway } vehicles and added the SWATVAN, and FBITRUCK, You could leave the original runway vehicles as is, and just add the SWATVAN, FBITRUCK. I ran into problems with the game spawning traffic, when I first played with these vehicles, I typed them into different defined "groups" , but the game spawned very few vehicle. Thus why I choose to use the Airport Runway, the vehicles, will spawn around or near (outside) the airport. You will have to enter into the airport runways, and find an area where the Runway Crews vehicles spawn, they would be driving normal Runway Vehicles but also FBITRUCK's, and SWATVAN's You will also need to open and edit the PEDS.IDE file (again with notepad, or whatever you prefer). You are going to need to change a few lines around. 2 peds will need to go from cowards, and become tough guys. MALE01 ---------> (a default ped, that is used for a quick load until certain peds are spawned). BMYAP -------> Black, Male, Young, Airport worker You are looking for line STAT_COWARD change it too STAT_TOUGH_GUY Once they are tough guys you can punch or hit the vehicle with a blunt object, bat ,shovel, and they will get pissed and want to fight you for smashing up da ride. Of course you can do whatever you want and add these vehicles to any of the "defined Groups" in the cargrp file. Why do you need to do this?? If you dont they just simply speed off??? WHY?? All police or emergency vehicles are always locked with POLICE, EMS, FIRE, FBI, ARMY, still in them, unless they happened to get out to shoot a ped, or to fight another ped who wrecked into there vehicle. Rockstar has it set-up this way. Plus I have not found the flags and or files to have all emergency vehicles unlocked at all times.. The SWATVAN's and FBIRTUCK's are no different, only in this case the MALE01 and BMYAP peds are driving, but because it is a police vehicle they doors will be locked. You could also add to the defined group sections, Quad's and Bandito, Vehicles that do not appear for peds use, can now become everyday ped vehicles. The hotknife and the phoenix as well.. --------------------------------------------NOTES---------------------------------------------------- You will see a large group of vehicles, in the cargrp file, they are bunched together but have no defined ID Group attached,I believe these are general passenger vehicles the game spawns, you will see the Phoenix car has already been written into these groups of cars. But for some reason it does not spawn as a general passenger vehicle. You could add the car name to the beach, park, or to whatever defined group you want. You can also type the HotKnife into this file and have it appear, these vehicles are not going to spawn all the time, and anyone that has played the game long enough knows how hard it can be for certain vehicles to appear. I should also warn you there is yet another file, in the data folder called VEHICLES, you will look for the "CLASS" section, this defines poor, rich (wealthy) farmers, executive, workers. It give certain peds vehicles based on there jobs, or social status..... and so forth.. You could edit the class name, so the Tursimo could become a "poor family" vehicle and it would spawn in poor neighborhoods. YOU DO NOT NEED TO EDIT THIS FILE AT ALL, FOR THE SWATVAN OR FBITRUCK, TO APPEAR. BUT IT IS ANOTHER FILE YOU CAN MESS AROUND WITH. When I started to play with the cargrp file, I had the Family's (Groove Street Gangs) driving the Swatvan and FBITrucks this created 2 problems. First the in game spawning of random vehicles became few and far between. Second it was just about damn near impossible to go in and out of traffic, with just about every vehicle being FBITrucks, or Swatvans. I have the Family's driving the Phoenix, HotKnife, and the Huntley (rip off or spoof of the real life Land Rover).. Enjoy.............
  10. SmokinRE4

    Technical difficulties.

    A download saved game file, has a readme or before you download it a brief description in the description it should say what version of GTA SA the saved game is for. My internet connection crashed, I did not get a chance to edit that last comment!!!!!!!!
  11. SmokinRE4

    Technical difficulties.

    If you have V2.0 and downgrade to V1.0, you CAN use only V1.0 save games, however you will no longer be able to use any V2.0 saved game files, you would have to reinstall the game and leave it as V2.0 to play those saved games. Downgrade the game to version 1.0 and start a new game, or downloaded a saved game, that works with Versions 1.0. A brief description and or the readme file of any saved game file, should clearly say this is for Version 1.0.
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    San Andreas Modding Help Please ?

  13. SmokinRE4

    How to edit for SWATVAN and FBITRUCK

    I said is was not a mod, in the true sense, there are a lot of these "data mods" uploaded. I cannot believe no one thought of this shortly after the game was released for PC, or maybe those out there that did never mentioned it. Mod Makers made trainers, or edited the script, and all you had to do was a simple re-write of the cargrp file. I did this awhile back but thought I would share it.
  14. SmokinRE4

    How to edit for SWATVAN and FBITRUCK

    Sorry for typos, but you get the basics, of what you need to change.!!!!
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    [WIP|SA] Vigilante Justice

    Nice , RockStar should have set it up that way for explosions..
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    I was going to give instructions on how to do it, but it seems a lot of player are to lazy or are worried about trying it. The mainstream calls it a mod, but it really is not, creating peds, cars, buildings, scripts ect is what I call a mod. I also added other vehicles to appear, quads, bandito, NRG-500 The Phoenix was written into the game to appear as a normal vehicle but for some reason it does not, (by RockStars people) I have the family's driven the huntley, Phoenix, and Hotknife, The hot knife was another car I added for it to appear on a normal basis.
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    Just curious if anyone knows of a mod, that is not a "script" mod, for the swatvan, and fbitruck?? I was able to create a modded file, to access these vehicles.. the SWATVAN is the vehicle seen in the mission, End Of The Line. The FBItruck is a heavily plated truck, not seen in the game at all, unless you use the GTAGarage Manager tool. My mod, did not require any editing of the script file, so this has no effect on saved games, any and all missions, and or game play. I am thinking of uploaded it, but I did a bunch of research to see if a non-script mod existed, but came up blank. I did find a edited script mod, and a bunch of complaints with this mod, most (if not everyone) requested a mod that allows them to continue using there saved games. Sorry for double post, the other in General Dissc.,,
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    Export board

    I re-looked at that again, the only way is to have someone mod the script file, to custom names. The names of the vehicles, are listed in the script. The only thing that appears to get used from the gt3.img files are those.dff's. The game seems use and internal font to create the list, there is, more then likely other files within the game for the blackboard color, and font color. To simply edit the textures would not work, even if you did edit the textures, the script is looking for the stallion, you could just change the name of the Mustang back to the Stallion, it would be easier. Then you can re-name it Mustang, after you import it. Having said that, I wonder why 3 .dff files are needed to create the 3 lists on the blackboard? Maybe it is the game engine, or they just set it up that way!!!!
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    Favorite Vehicle

    Quoting TUN3R, Infernus, nuff said. Bikes- FCR-900 Air- ?? Not sure
  20. SmokinRE4

    Humorous Things That Happened

    Had to be during mission, where was this at? I got v 1.0, so I had to mod my files for the preacher to appear as a ped. I created a added peds mod a couple years ago, but never got around to finishing the files. Now there is a host of ped mods, so I pretty much would be labeled a rip off if I bothered with it now.
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    Only thing I remember from sound files, they have to be the same length (duration) and match the compression and format of the original sound file. There was a web site that explains this, but you will have use a search engine and hope it still exists. But there maybe other sites out there, from the last time I looked into this subject. I would name the site but I did not bookmark it, and it was a couple year ago.
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    you have a point there, it is a .dat file, this mod would be similar to RanderoX's ped mod.
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    Export board

    Let me have another look at the files, I'll see if I can find the .txd sorry, thought those files were .txd
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    [WIP|SA] Vigilante Justice

    The peds catching fire after you blew the car up, was that your idea? Or is that a different mod that can be found?
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    How to post Cleo mod

    http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/c19-gta-san-andreas You will see a widow at the top of the page in big letters "DOWNLOAD DATABASE" You are logged in as Tabby99 ---- My Profile / Manage My Files / Upload Mod click the "Upload Mod"