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In the DATA folder there is a file called ANIMGRP, now within this file contains how peds are animated.. You notice how the Hookers strut around, and how Fat OLD ladies are bent over and walk EXTREMELY SLOW... This is just a quick explanation of this file... And where this "Drunk Peds" idea came from..

Within this ANMIGRP is another animation called drunkman... Here is a sample file from my PED.IDE I will underline the key word we are looking for...


Here is how this whole line appears str8 from the PED.IDE file


After COWARD, man, the "MAN" is the animation group, he walks around like a normal everyday real life male person.. but if we add...............


He walks around "three sheets to the wind" as they say.. Now I had done this to the BMOTR1, Black, Old, Man, Tramp aka homeless.. He is seen in and around the Johnson house, and through out LS only, in the poor areas.

This HOBO does not drive any vehicles at least, I have never seen him drive at all..

So I did do this to the WFYRI, WHite, Female, Young, RICH women, she is the one that says "have you been drinking Champagne too"? If you ram into the vehicle she happens to be driving ...

This is were this gets lame, she does not look to be drinking and driving, she drives pretty normal.. However when she stops at red lights she blocks cross traffic from being able to go through, and if you ram her she drives at extremely high speeds, the car she was driving (cannot remember the name) is the same as the LS and SF cop cars. I know full well that car did not go that fast before, I had rammed those cars several times, and even shot at them and they never got that kind of speed..

She does not sway all over the road, so it is obvious some other file, or it is just hard coded, controls the cars motion, I am guessing the only way to see someone sway all over is if CJ or the player in San Andreas were to be drunk. And there was a MOD for this but I have to see if I cannot find it, but I am guessing CJ drove normal or the animation while CJ was driving never changed.

I plan on trying to figure out how to give CJ the DRUNK MODE, just for myself to see if it makes a difference. If the screen is blurry and sways.. Similar to the mission from Vice City.. But I doubt it, I have not found anything in any forum about this, and I figure it would have got a number of searches if it was like the Vice City mission. Or maybe people do not have a sense of humor and find this kind of mod to be degrading to the GTA game, or fear it would promote kids, underage drinkers the idea that it would be fun to drink and drive in real life.

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Two things I wanted to add too this... The changes will be done in the PEDS.IDE file, in the DATA folder..

In this IDE file you will see a number of different animation names..








ECT......... You will change these names out and put in DRUNKMAN... Even for the woman.. DRUNKMAN will be the name for the animation..

There are a couple of other names you can try to use to see a couple of different Animations, BLINDMAN and SHUFFLE... Tho I do not know if these will be any more fun..

The Blindman is obviously from Woozie's character... I can only imagine after watching him ram into everything how amusing it would be to watch PEDS walking off to no where, into traffic, off into the water, ect.. Tho for me after about 2 minutes it would be boring..

The shuffle I have not gone through the peds in the PEDS.IDE file, only certain ones I have looked at or galnced at so I do not know how the Shuffle animation works exactly..

I know they hate double posts.. So forgive me, but those who have already seen this post I would hope the second reply would get them to notice this...

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