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easy skin mods installing


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how to install skins easy not with img tool because it sucks plz help

ImgTool works no problem with .img files! I've used it for quite awhile to install lots of .dff and .txd files without a hitch. It may be that you're just not sure how to go about using it... Here are the steps to take to install:

- To install downloaded skin files for vehicles/weapons/peds they should be in .txd file format. Once you extract the texture from the archive you downloaded, make a note of its filename.

- Next, start by running ImgTool then select Open from its File menu. Navigate to your [DRIVE]:\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\models folder then select the 'gta3.img' file. [DRIVE] = the drive letter of the partition the game's installed to - usually the C: drive.

- Once ImgTool opens the .img file, do a search for the previously noted filename. It should be something like 'monstera.txd'. When found, it will be highlighted by the program.

- At this stage it's highly advisable to backup the original you're going to replace. Do this by either right-clicking over the name to get the context menu or select from the Commands menu so you can choose the 'Extract' option. Save it to a special folder that you should create to save original backups. Should anything go wrong later, you'll have a backup and can easily import it back into the .img file. Failure to do this can mean having to re-install the entire game!

- Now select the 'Replace' command (using either the context menu or Commands from the main menu). Navigate to the folder where you've unpacked the skin file you want to use. Choose it then let ImgTool do its thing.

- Lastly, it's important to select 'Rebuild Archive'. Failure to carry out this step can often cause problems in-game unless you know exactly when you can get away with not doing it (I won't go into details there, I'm just pointing this out).

- At this point, you can either close the .img file and/or exit the program or repeat the process for any other files you want to work on in the gta3.img archive.

So there ya go! Hope this is what you're after. Good luck! And BTW, you should actually post these sort of questions in the modding forums.

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