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I have a Problem, My Game Crashes when wanting level reaches 2 stars.


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Hello, I am new into the forums.

And I have a problem with my GTA SA.

It all started when I isntalled the Emergency Peds Mod found on this site too.


When I was testing it and the wanting level always reached 4 stars, the game freezed....And when I uninstalled the Mod...I had the same problem again...and it keeps getting worse...now I can't raise it to 2 stars without having my game freezed. The only level that works fine is the 6 Stars level wich runs without any problem at all.

And also when I use the code to never get wanted...and I attack a Cop...the game freezes again.

I tried everything...back up files...I've re installed the game 4 times and I can't still solve the problem...

I don't know what to do anymore. My guess is that I must have deleted an esscential file while installing the Mod and this causes the game to freeze...but I think it should solve with re installing the game...but it doesn't. It was the first Mod I ever isntalled...all alterations to the game I did on the past where merely on the CLEO 3 Mods.

Any Idea what can I do to solve the problem?

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When you uninstall the game, go into program files and delete the san andreas folder completely (shift-delete), and also, remove any traces of san andreas from the directory.

Then when you reinstall, all should be fine.

Well I tried the thing about deleteting them from the Program File and I still have the same problem...

But how do I delete them from the directory? What does that means?

I even used the C Cleaner to delete anything left by the game but it still gives me the same problem...really weird.

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