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Can anyone make a model of this?


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I would be thrilled if someone could make a model of this building that i pass almost everyday. Iv got 3 good pictures which you can help you in design:

The main part of the building. The right side of the picture is what the other 2 corners are like at the rearOPTUS.jpg of the building.

This is a shot of higher up on the building.


And this is a pretty good shot of the lobby.


If you could make a model and col for this i would be soooo grateful. Its a pretty basic building i know but its special to me. And i want to b able to put the building wherever i want on the SA map, iv had a few mods which crash if you try to copy or move the object to somewhere else. And you can build the roof with your imagination as i cant get high enough to take a picture. Thanks alot! :D

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