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  1. I would be thrilled if someone could make a model of this building that i pass almost everyday. Iv got 3 good pictures which you can help you in design: The main part of the building. The right side of the picture is what the other 2 corners are like at the rear of the building. This is a shot of higher up on the building. And this is a pretty good shot of the lobby. If you could make a model and col for this i would be soooo grateful. Its a pretty basic building i know but its special to me. And i want to b able to put the building wherever i want on the SA map, iv had a few mods which crash if you try to copy or move the object to somewhere else. And you can build the roof with your imagination as i cant get high enough to take a picture. Thanks alot!
  2. Well im still stuck. The towers go in fine but i cant access San Fierro at all, i cant even load my game there. Anyone else with an idea or something?
  3. That is sadly just two SA buildings crudely put on top of each other a few times. I just want this particular german one without the scm edit.
  4. Well its not a mod exactly but more of a help question. I want to be able to have the towers in the game without the main scm edit. But when i just use the towers without the main scm and try to go to south SF it crashes even though i can visit every other island (including the towers island). So can anyone fix this?
  5. Wow i didnt know he got banned.

  6. I'd post screen's but iv been taking them in jpeg format just realized yesterday!
  7. The Manana is the Cadillac Brougham or its this other car i know but i cant remeber its name!
  8. FIB Buffalo. It's just really really cool to me for some reason.
  9. It also screwed with some settings. I cant put textures to high anymore, it just keeps putting it to low! very disappointed.
  10. Massimo Torini WASNT the made man killed BEFORE LCS. He was killed during the Calm Before The Storm mission. The man Toni killed BEFORE LCS wasnt revealed as it was just part of the story that you werent really meant to care about.
  11. Un lucky S-V but i think it will vary with everybody. I havent tried it yet since i have to reinstall it. EDIT: Just gave it a go and i dont see much difference in my fps. But it has helped a few bugs.
  12. Brilliant iv been waiting for this!
  13. Seem's that Chris is this year's virgin.
  14. Its strange when that happens. I guess if you manage to hit it in a certain way it lights up! Iv only ever done it 11 times.
  15. He was lying mate, there is no silencer on PS3. But there is a method you can use on PC.
  16. Iv seen that many time's. What i think has to be a glitch is when a cop pick's up a hooker! iv only ever seen it twice on the PS3 version.
  17. You should create a camera position hack like the dashboard mod so you can film in first person.
  18. The one's in Algonquin were pretty good. You had a laptop, TV and a radio.
  19. You dont have to go online if you've made an offline account or if the xlive.dll given to you is from an offline account.
  20. My rig handle's it as if it was GTA VC. No lag, great fps and great graphics!
  21. http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=21040
  22. In order for the new save files to work you will need to have the xlive.dll from the person who uploaded the save file. I suggest downloading a 100% from here, one of the save's has the xlive.dll.
  23. Nope we cant post up. You should have backed it all up!
  24. You can get one on Earth! They're everywhere! Every shop i go past like K-Mart has a few hundred copies. Order one from the R* website, its about US$50.
  25. Changing the PS3 version would be possible but it be very difficult and expensive. You would need to have a computer that can run and burn Blue Ray and then you would have to figure out which file contains what etc etc, way too much work. The easiest thing you can do is buy the PC game from R* themeselves . http://www.rockstargames.com/warehouse/ Its only about $50 US.
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