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Official Petition for Timesplitters 4


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The newly branded Crytek UK wouldn't rule out the possibility of a new TimeSplitters, although they said it would depend on "market demand."

Well, such a statement is bound to create that demand. Crytek UK is currently hard at work on Crysis 2 - and that CryEngine 3 is getting a whole lot of positive attention - but after they snapped up former TimeSplitters developer Free Radical after the studio was forced into administration late last year, TS fans have been hoping...and hoping... And now, we have a user-made video urgently requesting the fourth installment, and if you want to add your voice to the mix, feel free to sign the online petition. The petition was just started so it's only closing in on 100 signatures but you can bet that more will sign over the coming weeks and months. This is a franchise that always fared well in terms of both sales and critical reception; its highly fluid and cartoon-y exterior always yielded top-notch entertainment, and most recently, the multiplayer really started to take center-stage. There are even a few die-hards who will claim to this day that the multiplayer in TimeSplitters: Future Perfect was better than Halo.

<--- Fan made youtube video pleading for TS4.

http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?TS4tcbd1&101 <--- Sign the petition here!

Personally I really hope this game is made. I loved all of the Timesplitters games and a next-gen one would be fantastic.

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