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How to install mods in Grand Theft Auto: IV


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Since I have seen many people wondering how to download very cool mods and such, I've decided to start a topic on how to install them.

Download- Well first you have to download them. You can download some mods at Mod my GTA , GTA Gaming or TheGTAPlace. There's more sites that have modifications. Just google " GTA IV Mods " and mod sites will pop up for you. But those two websites are the most active since they upload mods all the time. (Mod my GTA is sometimes invaded by hackers, so sometimes the website doesnt even work.

Asi Mods-

Some use scripthook.dll, others use g4mhook.dll to 'hook' them to the GTA IV script. Some use no scripthook at all.

Another group scripthook.net but since I don't use these I leave these out of this tutorial.

Asimods need an asi loader that loads them in the game. Mods that usescripthook.dll will only work in single player (SP) and in free- andpartymode.

Mods that use g4mhook.dll also work in all the othermulti player (MP) matches as will mods that don't use any form ofscripthook.

For mods to work in MP you need FileCheckFix.asi downloadable from the sites mentioned above as from http://alexander.san...category=gta_iv.

Allscripthooks and the asi loader are downloadable from the sitesmentioned above. The most used asi loader can also be found on http://alexander.san...ory=iv_programs

Putthe mod(s), the asi loader, scripthook/g4mhook and FileCheckFix in yougta folder, for example c:\Program Files\Rockstar\Grand Theft Auto iv\and run the game.

For Vista users: launch Rockstar Games Social Club, open your gta folder, rightclick LaunchGTAIV.exe and choose 'run as admin'.

Warnign: do not use modifications to cheat on online matches. You'll be banned. Even car mods...

I work at GameFrog. I hope I helped.

Uh, thanks Sim Viper from BGF.

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