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vice city crashes

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My gta vc is crashes after modding a lot of car mod. and i forgot to back up the files that edited. after i choose load game, and then choose my saved game, my gta vc is stop loading the game...

who have the solution pleeeeeeeeaaaaassee....

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Your only solution is to reinstall XD

Next time when you mod, use Imgtoolv2, and when you edit a file eg you go to gta3.img and replace the hotring.txd and .dff, instead of doing that, rename hotring to hotring(o).txd and add the new one. that way if it messes up you can fix it easy. also do mods only one at a time. put one, then open the game and see if it works. then put another, saves a lot of messing around.

Also before you edit any files (carcols.dat, handling.cfg, default.ide , all those) make a copy first.

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