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Dodo handling.cfg


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So, I wanted to experiment with the handling of a Dodo plane a bit and went inside the handling.dat folder to change mass etc.

Unfortuneatly stupid me forgot to backup the file and now every time I try to climb in a dodo the game crashes.

Please post the original handling line here or upload the complete handling.dat file


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do someone knows the handeling for dodo to use it at the speed and the controlles as a jet

If you look at the very top of the handling file you will see RockStar, posted the settings in letters and numbers. I am guessing for there developers to mess around with.. If you mean the JET, look at the jet settings and the dod settings to see what is different.

I have only played with the vehicle handling, but if compare the dodo to (whatever) jet, and or any other airplane or air driven vehicle you see a difference in there settings, including the one for 'air speed'. The air speed setting is something you will need to play with, it is not a clear cut setting like the speed settings for road vehicles.

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