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saved games?


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hey guys

can you help me

i been downloading the saved games off this website the gtaplace

anyways i downloaded the ones that are saved of people that has completed the whole game

and when i load the saved game that i downloaded

i start at the start where i have to bike to cjs house

can someone help me

* i been told that i got the version 2 of the game and i have downgraded to version 1 and now when i load the save game it crashs the game* and i have to close the game cause of a error message*

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That post is so detailed you copied it from Girish.* :PTry that, if it doesn't work, try checking your game's version. If it's 1.1 you'll see a watermark saying v1.1 and it can be the reverse of what Steam said, then try googling for GTA SA Downgrader to downgrade your version to V1.0 which also allows you to mod the game. I saw your edit. Well, Try the save Steam provided, the crash is because the version isn't the same. The code file has different addresses.

* I'm kidding, Steam.

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