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Unigine Heaven Benchmark

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Hey guys,

If found this program off of a link on Tom's Hardware that's pretty cool and you should see it. It's looks absolutely AMAZING and really gives you a look into what modern home computing is capable of. It's also capable of running DX11!

My settings:


Shaders: High

Tessellation: Enabled

Anisotropy: 16

Anti-Aliasing: 8x

Resolution: 1920x1080

I get a steady 20-25 FPS (not too shabby for a single GPU) and the picture is unbelievable. I even set the resolution to 640x360 and it looked surprisingly pretty good for being 1/9 the resolution of my monitor.... With AA set to 4x I got a steady 30 FPS.

Download it here

And just a side note: When running this my GPU never gets over 60C which means it's not under full load. (Idle 38-45C, Load up to 80-90C) It doesn't use over 10% CPU and it doesn't read faster than 10MB/s off my HDD according to Vista, so I really don't know what's holding my frames back.

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It's a nice game engine, doubt it would do any good on my rig.

But I prefer Cry Engine, looks more nicer, and of course, it's based on a modern theme, this engine is based within a unrealistic theme, but I think this engine has done a pretty good job, visually.

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