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hi peeps of gta, i need help wit the gta vice city mod,

ive downloaded 3 versions of mp3 control and i read the read me file,

but cnt understand how the hell to install dem lol,

mayb im thick as pig s**t but ive tried copyin n pastin the 2 contents

into the gta main wer exe is, i go to load the game n it freezes on all 3

files in which i downloaded, i wud really appreciate the help, if any one can

help me, i have dne everythin, red the read me's step by step n followed,

i cnt get how to adapt the files o sumin its tellin me,

plsss help me people, thnx fo the time readin this,

thnx people


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that mp3 control thing, where you have to put a DLL. yeah i had no luck with that either i dont think any of them work. to skip the tracks what you can do is go to another radio station, then go back to mp3 and usually it changes the song.

if you want the songs in specific order, if you put numbers in front of all the filenames (01 02 etc) then it'll play in that order im pretty sure.

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